If you are a first time mummy, or have never tried breastfeed before for your previous baby, or you may had a difficult time breastfeeding your previous baby and hence lose confidence, I hope I can build up your confidence in giving breastfeeding a chance (again) to prove its worth for the effort put in, in the beginning.

Because of my mother-in-law’s objections I failed terribly in my first attempt at breast feeding. When I had my second baby, I was determined to get it right no matter what comes! I had lesser objection this time, although my second child is still a grandson, from my in-law, because it was not the first grandson. Secondly, I discussed with Allan that he must help me to prevent his mother from interferring and this time he did a great job!

Getting the timing right. Try to place baby at the breast as soon as possible after birth. Ideally, this will happen right in the delivery room. This skin-to-skin contact is extremely comforting to the baby and will also help to keep the child warm.

Thereafter, always nurse on demand. This will keep your baby happy and will increase your milk supply to meet the demand as it grows. Also, don’t let your baby sleep through a feeding.

If it’s been three hours since your newborn last fed, then it’s time to wake him or her up. For the 1st month, its just feed and sleep basically. Whenever he cries, feed. Breastfeeding does not only supply nutrients to your baby, the sucking effect calms the baby down.

Nurse for as long as the baby wants. Most newborns require ten to forty-five minutes to complete a feeding.

Please, never have the thought of my mother-in-law, you will never over feed your baby when you breastfeed. Your baby knows when to stop. So do not need to go through the hassle of counting the hours and looking at the clock anymore.

Don’t you just love the simplicity of this?