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Eyeglass Frames For Kids

I have mentioned in several blog posts before about how affected I was when I saw my elder son’s myopia test results. In fact, I am still upset till this day. As if I have not made enough effort to remind him about proper eye care, he is starting to show signs that his myopia condition has worsen. *sigh*

His first pair of glasses were purchased last year when he entered Primary School. The memory of visiting the optical shop and choosing eyeglass frames for kids with him is still fresh in my head. I still remember how torn he was between the blue frame and the one which we bought. In the end, he chose the white frame with orange coloured ear rest because he remembered no one in his class had that colour. Oh well, kids at their age like to stand out and be different. A growing stage where they want to shine. *smile*

All was well, till half a year ago. He started to watch television programmes with his head slightly down and eyes rolled upwards whenever he is without his glasses. Yes, we allowed him to do without his glasses whenever he feels that it was not necessary. We may have made a wrong move. Now, the number of times he needs his glasses have increased tremendously. With that frequency on the rise, the rough handling of the glasses by my 7 year old boy is also wearing out the frame rapidly.

If this continues, I can visualize us going to the optical shop again to buy a new pair of glasses or simply going online to click here and there for more options on eyeglass frames for kids.




Traditional English Boys School Shoes

It was barely 3 months ago when we were shopping for my elder son’s school shoes. The shoes are still pretty new, yet boys being boys, they often outwore their shoes before they are even ‘old’ enough to be thrown. The sides of the shoe are already tearing. *sigh*

While choosing a new pair of school shoes for my boy, I remembered seeing a parent struggling to get the right size for her child. It was obvious that she is a first time Mommy, with her first born, preparing for school for the first time. In the end it was the sales representative who showed the Mommy easy tips and tricks to test if the shoe was the correct size for her daughter.

My boy’s school insists on white canvass shoes, while my niece’s school only accepts black PVC shoes. Somehow I prefer my children to wear black shoes to school to that of white because you can hardly tell if its dirty. Thus even if we skipped a few wash, especially during the rainy seasons, it would still be presentable. It is so difficult to dry those white canvass shoes during rainy days.

My niece’s school have a standard type of school shoe for all the students. The style of the shoes is very much like the traditional English boys school shoes, which is both smart looking and comfortable to wear. Oh well, unless I change my boy’s school, or else, I would have to live with his white school shoes.


Inborn Talent Genetic Test

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…………During the event we learned about their new website

A website where you can contribute your ideas. A website where you can comment about a particular style. A website where you can promote or demote what others had said. A website for exploration of future products.

If you have a great idea in which you would love Crocs to look into, you can voice it out over there. Who knows, your idea may just be adopted and put into action and hey hey hey, you MIGHT just get the very first pair of your innovation on your own feet and others too…. *wink*

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Diamond Initial Pendant

Having my own retail business for more than 7 years, I dare say I have tried some of the most popular or saleable items in the market, but nothing beats Jewellery. Rather, I should say, nothing beats earning female’s money. *giggle* Indeed, they are the emotional buyers, the big spenders and definitely the regulars. Something like a Diamond Initial Pendant is one of the most saleable jewellery.


Bell TV

The boys have been sticking to the television so much, watching their favourite cartoons, like Ben Ten, Chugginton, Animal Mechanicals on cartoon network and Playhouse Disney. Our remote controllers are so ‘well-used’ you can tell the amount of time they have been held. *laugh* If this continues, very soon, I would need to get a new set from bell tv!

Fat Burner

Today I ‘looked’ at my child’s classmate’s Mommy. She is my age. But our size is the opposite of each other. She is tall and big-boned. More meaty than myself but she is not fat nor plump. However she pointed out the flaw and hmmm… only then did I notice that she really needs fat burner for her tighs. The traces of accumulated fats is simply undeniable.

TV Stand

I seriously need a tv stand soon. The metal parts are getting rusty. The wooden areas are chipping off. The ‘door’ magnet had dropped off. We are using scotch tape to prevent it from swinging open. How bad is that? Yet my hubby is still waiting for his next cheque in mid December. So no plans to buy now till then. *Sigh*


Now that my life is a complete change ever since I had attended Anthony Robbins Unleash the Power Within, I feel Great! One of the biggest changes is my diet, followed by exercising. I am one lazy bum who hardly exercise because so many say I am too skinny. *giggle* But now that I am in the 3 times a week exercising routine, I truly should consider one of Kettlebell‘s products.

Las Vegas Vacation Packages

I have been following the show: America’s Got Talent. Now it is at its quarter finals, so exciting. Very soon the performers will be on the Las Vegas stage. How I wish I could see their live performance, especially the dunkers. They are truly an awesome group!!! Hmmm…. if only there were some las vegas vacation packages for me. *wink*

Business Gifts

The season of giving is just round the corner. I am talking about Christmas! My favourite time of the year. It is also the favourite time of the year for my brother in law. You see, he is in the cards, calendar, organisers and similar stuff business. Hence, towards the end of the year, he will receive orders for business gifts from different companies. Hence its a great time for all of us! *Smile*


Over and over again. I have stressed on the important of having an insurance plan. Any insurance plan. It was because we were on the verge of being bankrupt that we had to terminate 4 of ours. It was hard. Especially when I was hospitalised for 13 days, I could claim from nowhere and no one, except my own pocket. It would have been great if I had something like bcbsnc.

Ladybug Steam

Cleaning is a woman’s chore. Of ‘cos the world is IMPROVING (finally) that men are joining the cleaning club too. Maybe that is why machine-cleaners were invented. *Laugh* Cleaning stubborn stains can be a real headache sometimes. I have seen demonstrations on steam cleaners doing great job with stubborn stains. Have you tried any? Something like Ladybug steam or otherwise?


LSAT prep

This is examination period in all Primary and Secondary Schools in Singapore. Parents are pulling hairs and kids are having eye bags. To me, it is truly absurd to forgo important family get-togethers during such times, but I have a sister-in-law who does. Her daughter’s examination is pioritised first against all else. I just hope that when my little niece becomes a teenager, she will be able to go for LSAT prep, so that her mother would not be so stressed out.

Free Web Directory

There are so many sites, blogs, landing pages which are trying all sorts of ways to be found in this huge Virtual World. Some threw in money, some do not. Which one do you belong? Or do you belong to the group which do not care about having an audience nor the daily number of unique visitors who come to your site? Whichever you belong to, I seriously think free web directory is a great choice to get traffic.

Walk In Tubs

I was surfing the net yesterday and I read about the rising number of older folks getting themselves hurt in the bath tub due to slippery base. This is truly a concern. A fall and a hit on the head can be really fatal. Seriously, if your old folks would love to enjoy the confort of soaking in the tub, I would really suggest getting those walk in tubs for them.

Diet Pill

Recently, I met up with my girl gang for my birthday. Three commented that I had slimmed down a lot. Yet when I looked at the photos and compare them to my photos half a year back, I think my arms have grown. I wonder why did they say I had slimmed down when my arms (to me) is big for my size. I hope there are diet pill in the market that caters only for the arm. *giggle*

Diet Pill Reviews

To me, one of the most lucrative business in the world is selling diet pills. The number of obese in the world is simply increasing like there is no stop button. Though I am not supportive of it, if I ever need a bottle of those tablets, I would make sure that there are tons of diet pill reviews to look at before I make a decision to buy.


When you travel overseas, are you the kind who love the hotels? For me, its very different. If I go overseas for leisure purposes, I would want to immerse myself in the culture of that country. I would love to live the way they do. So you know I will NOT be going Africa. *giggle* Seriously, I would choose to stay in apartments more than hotels.

Steel Buildings

As much as Singapore is concerned, we have already moved on from the ‘steel’ age to the ‘brick’ age. For so many years, bricks have done us well, in fact great! However, my friends who stay on the top floor of high rise flats have the same complaints. Over time, rain water does seep through and they can have RAIN in the house itself!!! They often say,Steel Buildings are still a better choice.” *wink*

Dash Kits

With so many media talks on the upcoming Formula One Night Race in Singapore, everyone’s daily topics have seemed to be surrounded around cars, parts of the cars, racer names, so on and so forth.  The coolest of all categories has to be the dash kits. The variety is just enormous! Seriously, to put an outstanding race car in one piece is really a tedious job.

Ferrari Parts

With the upcoming Formula One Night Race in Singapore, everyone is all excited again. Ooops! Should I say, most of the people are excited. There is a group of Ferrari fans who are not; all because there are no Ferrari participants this year. I wonder is it because of the ‘missed’ during last year’s night race, or maybe they are upgrading the Ferrari Parts.


Being home bound and feeling sick is horrible. During these 2 weeks, with H1N1 virus staying in my 4-walls, my kids have been glued to the television like bee is to honey. I am too exhausted from taking care of the 3 patients, hence I simply let them be. Luckily we didn’t buy a new DVD player from bluray or they will be stuck to the coach 24hours!!!


When I was in my retail line, one of the most successful marketing tools we used were giving out coupons. Sales figure went up, though profit margin went down. *giggle* Still, it was so successful that we use this tactic over and over again, because of the good feeling we ‘instill’ into the minds of our consumers of being able to save.

Hence, I am an ‘addict’ to coupons! I have always wanted to get proper beds for my boys, and happened to find some kids furniture mart coupons! $10 off any $75 purchase, cool! I am definitely in luck today! *wink*

Accredited Online Degree

Its just so great that we are moving from the Industrial Age to the Information Age, where almost anything and everything can be found on the internet. Be infront of your squarish screen and you can access to something that is happening 5million miles away from you. How cool is that?! And now that there is even accredited online degree, who knows, schools may not exist anymore in future! *wink*

Fat Burner

My hubby has been suggesting that I should start skipping if I am so bothered about the extra 5kg. He reminded me that even with the extra 5kg, I am still underweight. *laugh* But you know, when it comes to a woman, she does not care if she is underweight, so long as there is a weight increase, it disturbes her. *giggle* I think turning to Fat Burner may be an easier choice. *wink*


TV Stands

One of the biggest difference between the stay in hospital this time and the previous round was the absence of a personal TV. Previously I had a ‘hanging’ mini-television all to myself right where I lie to rest. This time, I had to walk out of my room, walk some 20metres into a private room, before I could see a television on one of those worn out TV Stands.

Acne Treatments

Staying in the hospital is no fun for most people, but not for me. This time round, staying in the same room with 5 other patients is just drama. Its entertaining in some ways too. *giggle* Many people felt that hospital is the place of germs, but seeing them cleaning so often, I am starting to doubt, in fact the air was so clean, my face was pimple-less when I was discharged, no acne treatments will be needed for me. *wink*

Cheap Health Insurance

It was a struggle when we had to cancel away a number of insurances when we faced our worst financial crisis a few years back. It was not easy to see the amount of premiums we had paid and eventually come to nothing. We had to shift our focus point from seeing what was lost, to realizing how much less committment we would have every month, even though they were cheap health insurances.

Weight Loss Supplement

After the traumatic 5 days in hospital, going without food for more than 50hours is definitely no fun. I was shouting for food on my Day 2, so much so that I think I was a little paranoid. Even now, out of hospital, I would not consider myself as recovered. Friends who met me yesterday still commented that I am too skinny and no weight loss supplement are needed. *laugh*

Cross Country Moving Companies

Shifting from a new place to another is really a headache to many. Having a property consultant hubby, I am really familiar with all the ‘hazards’ movers can cause. With so much to pack and unpack, the last thing you want is engaging a mover that breaks your vases or smashed your TV because of improper handling. I can imagine how much more pressure those cross country moving companies have.

Wholesale Ipods

Technology is moving so fast, to be in this industry really needs a mind that is racing like Formula One. So many gadgets have come and gone. I definitely have missed a few of them. When they were ‘fresh from the oven’, they are so pricey. Just like Ipods, I do find them on the high side when they were first launched and yet now, there are so many wholesale ipods around.

Acne Pills

When puberty came, my face, or rather my body acted ‘violently’. I used to be known as Rudolph, cos pimples on my nose is such a common sight. Acne can appear even in my nostrils and my ears. My scalp and my neck too. It was horrible. Being a teenager, I did not know how to get acne pills. If not I would have end my misery earlier, I think.

Video Cards

Many years ago, I was a nerd to computers and internet. So all along, it has been a very special friend of mine who has been maintaining the well-being of my personal computer. Then, I have no idea what is mother board, memory card or video cards. All I know or choose to know was that I could check emails. *laugh*

Best Diet Pills

I have a really close friend whom I have not met for a very long time. We chat on MSN, through emails, through phone calls…but hardly meet up. Recently I happened to check her photos on Facebook and realised that she has put on a lot of weight!!! So much so that her face shape has changed. When I asked her, immediately she joked, “Come, introduce me to the best diet pills you know of.” *laugh*

Micro SD

My personal computer has been giving me a roller coaster relationship for the past 3 years. It breaks down or hanged itself too easily. Ever since then I am used to having backups. Now that I had given it a heart transplant as well as a brain transplant, it has been a really good partner. But the insecurity in me still turn towards micro sd for a good night rest.


I have been selling stuff all my life, big or small. From a little child, helping out at the prawn noodle stall to having my own retail business for 7 years and now moving on to online selling. One huge difference from selling face to face to going behind the monitor screen is shipping. Whenever there is free shipping, sales skyrockets!

*Youtube Username: myseup

Dog Supplies

My boys have been asking me to get them a pet recently. Hamsters, mice, cats, dogs, birds, blah blah blah and the list goes on. Seriously, if ever I would nod my head, it will only be for dogs. A puppy. A really small one. Oh well, till that day of buying a kennel or dog supplies come, I will be keeping this idea on the unreachable top of the shelf.

Patio Furniture Sets

A bungalow with a swimming pool, that is what I had always wanted. Not that I love swimming. In fact, I do not know how to swim!!! Yes, pretty ashamed I am. But I am very much a water person. I love to be by the river, the sea or even the reservoir. *laugh* So if ever my dream comes true, I can forsee myself picking on of those patio furniture sets.

Travel Deals

Some of you who have been following my personal blog would know that I was supposed to be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week. I planned for this trip six months ago, way back in December 2008. I was really looking forward to this break from the kids and everything here. But H1N1 broke that dream. Now I am keeping my eyes peeled for more travel deals.


Best Diet Pill

Oh dear, my time has been so packed recently. I have so many things on hand waiting for me to do that I do loose focus on what used to be a daily routine. *sigh* But there is ONE THING! It is too obvious to ignore! My increasingly bulging tummy. 25 situps a night usually keep it down, but not anymore now. I think I really need to turn to the best diet pill for help.

Machu Picchu Travel

*Scream* Saw my recent blog post about my very unhappy encounter with Singapore Post? I am still pissed because they have not given me a reply. I good enough compensation or explanation to my damaged parcel. I need a break. A break from all these ridiculous events. Maybe I should just visit the Machu Picchu travel website to look at the beautiful pictures, to cool myself down.

Blue Advantage

I think one of the smartest creation from man is the idea of having insurance. With swine flu or some call it H1N1 now, our health is at risk. Such illness can lead to death, so there is actually no difference from the other deadly illnesses like heart attacks. Seriously, the purpose of insurance like Blue Advantage is to safeguard our loved ones, not so much of ourselves. Agree?

Computer Memory

The current Personal Computer that I am using was put together by my dear friend, Mark. He has been a really close friend for more than 18 years. I call him my computer guru. *laugh*. So whenever my computer starts to have hiccups,  or when I need to upgrade my computer memory, he will be the first one I will turn to.

Heart Pendant Jewelry

Having my own retail business for 7 years was truly the most amazing experience I ever had. Of these 7 years, jewelry was my main product for the last 6 years. From high end jem stones to sterling silver jewelry with mother of pearl to handmade jewelry crafted by myself, I can say I have almost done it all. No matter what kind of jewelry I sell, heart pendant jewelry are often the most sellable items.

Credit Report Services

I think financial statements are very important. How you handle your money in and your money out tells a lot about your character. Someone onced told me, how you handle something is how you handle everything. Pretty true for me. So I am changing each year, doing the right calculations and all. Who knows, maybe one day I may need advisers from credit report services.

Wholesale Insurance

With recession and swine flu darkening the clouds, everyone is looking for a safety net. Seriously, when such things happen, it voice down to one thing – your luck. In life, we can’t deny that luck plays a part. You can slog your butt off but kept hitting the wall. Many would turn to instant term life insurance rate quotes online too, just to find some assurance. *sigh*

Appetite Surppressants

What used to work does not seem to work nowadays. Is it age? I really have no idea! I used to do 25 situps every night before I sleep. My tummy is of an acceptable size. But recently, it does not work anymore. It still bulges out as if I am 4 months pregnant. If this continues, I just might need to turn to appetite surppressants to keep it down. *Arrrggghhhh*


Ever own a pet? I did. Fishes, rabbit, dog, but other than the first, the others were not bought. I helped my friend to take care of her rabbit for a week when she was on holiday. It was chaotic! As for the dog, it followed my mom home after she brought me to school; but was easily recognised by its owner the next day when we brought it down for a walk. I thought its a good thing too, or else I would need Frontline to get rid of the fleas on its body.

Vegas Vacations

Because of my mother’s gambling habits, I used to have a misconception of Las Vegas. The moment I hear the name, I think about those brightly lit flashy casinos with bunny girls and loud music. As I grow older, I realise there are actually many fun places for the entire family, kids of all ages too. So now, my mind is set on trying out one of those Vegas vacations. *wink*

Orlando Vacations

I am very much like a kid. I behave like one most of the time too. *laugh* My friends call me childish, but that does not bother me a bit. I love to watch cartoons, dream the wildest dream, pretend to be a fairy, a witch, a princess, a frog?! *laugh* That’s me. If ever I have a chance to go to one of those Orlando vacations, you will definitely see me in all those theme parks!!!

Super Cissus

My dad was a body builder. He was really active before my younger sister popped out from my mom’s tummy. Though I do not remember seeing him going to gym and training centres, my house used to have all these dumb bells of different sizes and weights, which he uses so often. I ever wonder, did he ever partake Super Cissus.

Plus Size Corsets

Ever had a lingerie before? It is such a common thing in the west. Yet when it comes to Singapore, people are often giving those sheepish look. Worse is when you tell people that you actually own one or wears them often, they give you the most weird look ever. Being backed by Chinese traditions, females are ‘taught’ to be unrevealing. So if you happened to be bustier and need plus size corsets, Ooooo…. you are in for more stares. *eyes rolled*

Wholesale Ipods

Seriously, ipods has been in the market for so long. I have not had my hands on one yet. I think birds of the same feather really flocks together. *laugh* None of my friends have an ipod for me to play around with too. Is Ipods expensive? I do not know. But one thing for sure, I know it IS POPULAR. If only there are wholesale Ipods centres around then maybe I can buy in bulk, grab one to play with it and sell the rest. *wink*


From a huge black and white screen in fields, where my grannies would sit on the benches with everyone in the neighbourhood, to the colourful little box in each and every household, we know that times have changed. There are even small portable tv available to prevent you from boredom. I guess its time for me to discard my huge rectangular tv for those cool LCD TV.

Gay Travel

Over the years many things happened in my life which opened up my mind about gays and lesbians. Many have no explanation as to why they just prefer the same sex. They have families, they are great parents to their adopted children, yet many still can not accept this fact. People look at them with different eyes. I used to be in that category too. But not anymore now, especially when I have gay and lesbian friends. So the best way to avoid such stares are to join gay travel.

Outdoor Furniture

The day I become a millionaire, I forsee myself owning a big house by the beach. Picking Seashells every week would be norm or maybe just sitting on the balcony on the top floor, cocktail in one hand, dark minty chocolate in another… Yum! Oh yes, not forgetting an Olympic size swimming pool with all those outdoor furniture like benches, Chaise lounges and dining tables…*wink*


Now that we are in the modern society, almost everything is going digital. As more people turn to online shops and online ‘departmental stalls’, the ‘real’ retail outlets in shopping malls might be feeling the increasing tension over the years. Hence sales of all kinds are a common sight now. But so far, the best is still Christmas sale. *wink*


Ever heard of Phenphedrine? I do not take diet pills but this name has been going around my group of friends. It is the hottest topic now whenever they talk about diet pills. According to them, it doesn’t only burn the fats but it suppresses your appetite as well, hence making it a perfect combination for weight loss. Phenphedrine reviews have been really good so far among them.

Weight Loss Pills

My friends used to call me a tap. During warm weather or during Physical Exercises in School, they will say “your tap is turned on.” Yes, and it will remain on till I get to sit infront of the fan or stay still for an hour before my perspiration would dry up. I believe it was my only secret as to why I am still slim after so many years. If not, I think I would be considering taking weight loss pills to keep me ‘small’ when I’m such a big eater.


I am a girl who perspires alot. When I was in my teens, it was pretty embarassing. My t-shirt would be wet by the end of the warm-up session during Physical Exercise in school. So you can imagine how extremely wet and even a little translucent by the end of the 1-2hours of PE lesson. Yet, I’m happy that my body purge water out so willingly or else I think I’ll need Enphedra to slim myself down.

TV Stands

My TV rack has been with me for almost 8 years now. Never did I expect a wooden furniture to last almost as long as my marriage! *laugh* The door magnets have dropped out, which made the glass doors swing open by itself; we had no choice but to use a scotch-tape to make the doors stay in place. I think its time we have to get new TV stands.

Diet Pill

My fingers and toes are crossed as I type this down. I am in the size of in-need-of-weight-increase-pills! *laugh* So diet pills are never a consideration for me, unlike most of my friends. Yes, most of my friends did rely on diet pills to get their weight down. Whenever one does not work, they had to look for another diet pill brand. It can be really frustrating at times. So I consider myself lucky in that way. *wink*

Insurance Quotes

With so much uncertainty around us now, many are falling back on their investments and insurances. Just like my MIL who has an insurance plan that allows her to withdraw a sum of money at the end of every year. There are other plans which allows one to withdraw on a monthly basis too. Different plans come with different insurance quotes, so its good to check it out first before deciding on one.

Toll Free

A few years back, I was dreaming of having a business so huge that we would be too busy to pick up calls. We could just hire a company to do all the phone answering, to take orders and all, after we put up an advert, using a toll free number. What I like best about having toll free numbers are personalized messages. Giving my customers a personal touch and the convenience of being able to use direct extensions instead of having to go through a bunch of staff to get to their sales rep.

Loquat Trees

Because of my silly mistake, my plant is dying in my hands. Last week, I mistook bleach for water and poured it on my ‘Shi-Liu’ and money plant. They are barely surviving now. With the renovation work going on in my neighbour’s house, ‘their’ health is worse! I think when all these are over, I must get some Loquat trees. With the sweet fragrance from their flowers, going in and out of the house would become a refreshing feeling everyday.


Snapbomb is another fantastic place to give you money for the doing the thing you are passionate about. Like the name suggests, its as easy as ‘snapping your fingers’ and landing yourself with a ‘bomb of cash’.

Sports Gifts

My husband is crazy over the English Premier League, I guess its the same for lots of hubbies out there. I have bought several Sports Gifts for my husband, from banners to clocks to lots of what have you. Gifts that has his favourite team’s logo on it. I love personalised gifts, it gives a simple item that much more meaning. Do you have the same sentiments?

Bell and Ross

Nowadays, watches are no longer essential items to many…….

Sexy Lingerie

Yes, I am a 100% woman in and out, but whenever I walk towards the …..

Bathroom Fixtures

When I was a young kid, my toilets used to be the ‘real’ reason why …..

Custom Rubber Stamps

When I was in my retail line, I remembered Allan and I wanted so…..

Canon Camera

I used to work for Canon. I was in charge of their Showroom where….

Toys – Gifts for Children

Toys are children’s best friend. Which child doesn’t like toys? What….

Point of Sales Solutions

When I was in the retail line, there has always been a problem with trust……


Though my mom didn’t die from Cancer, but she had battled with Cancer for more than a decade……