Toys are children’s best friend. Which child doesn’t like toys? What better time to make a child happy by giving him a new toy than NOW?! Its the season of giving ~ Christmas!!!

The internet have made it so convenient for busy adults to sit in the comfort of their own home or office as they shop for gifts online, in search for the best prices or most popular toys. My boys love to play with toy automobiles, from cool convertibles to cute little tow-trucks. My elder one is especially good with building blocks too. But if you have girls at home, these toys would probably be replaced by dolls, kitchen sets or even a mini-piano with a microphone attached. How do I know? *laugh* I have 3 nieces, that’s how?!

Sometimes thinking of gift ideas can be quite a struggle, especially when you have a tight budget or your receivers list is as long as your grocery list! *laugh* So to find cheap toys is top priority for people like me. *wink*

All the kids around me are below the age of 8. So its still pretty easy for me to find the most appropriate toy at the most affordable price. But if they get any older, I’ll be considering electronic games like the latest Nintendo wii console that is equipped with fun games such as this year’s most popular game “wii fit”, a definite enjoyment for the whole family and not forgetting the really popular “Mario Kart + Wii Wheel” too.

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