Your Child Needs This

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Your Child Needs This

if your child is between 6 to 15 years old and he/she has one or more of the following


  • If your child has concentration issues
  • If your child cannot sit still for long
  • If your child has memory difficulty
  • If your child is rude most of the time
  • If your child lacks of creativity
  • If your child lacks confidence
  • If your child lacks motor skills coordination
  • If your child finds it difficult to express himself well
  • If your child hardly opens up or keep things to himself/herself
  • If your child is always grumpy, unhappy and often complains
  • If your child often ‘irritates‘ his/her siblings
  • If your child does not like to hug you or show affection in other ways

Your child needs this

  • If you want to nag lesser
  • If you want to lessen the times of breaking up siblings’ quarrels and fights
  • If you are feeling helpless in handling your child
  • If you want to achieve what my blog’s motto says “Understanding Your Child eliminates Frustrations in Parenting”, then you must  read my experience.

My Child’s story: ~
For my regular readers, it is so easy to tell that I often have issues with Keatkeat. However I managed to solve many issues with lots of love, patience and time. Yet, there is this ONE THING, I am really lost. Totally helpless.
I do not know how to prevent Keatkeat from zooming into his dreamy land!
I had to call his soul back so often, so much so that precious time is wasted. Precious time which were meant for play after worksheets are done.
I was really driven to the corner of the wall, cannot move forward and neither can I move back.

If you tell me that this child has issues understanding a concept, example a Maths question, I have tonnes of ways to help the child to understand the concept easily. You just need to tweak your child’s brain a little and its really not that difficult.

However, going zone-in and zone-out so often, is definitely something that I cannot control. It is all in his brain. If he chooses to zone-out, there is no pre-warning from him at all, so there is no way I could prevent him from zoning-out into his dream world.

Last year November, I signed up a workshop for Keatkeat. A workshop which I had already knew about one year before I sign up. Yes, I knew about this workshop in 2009. Yet, I took so long to sign up because I was waiting for Binbin to turn 6 years old, because minimum age for this workshop is 6 years old.

I am a strong believer that siblings bonding is more important than parent-child bonding. So I do not want to just sign up for one and not the other. They should have fun together, cry together, laugh together and simply experience as many things as they can together.

And so they went on 23rd and 24th November 2011. Yes, its a 2-day workshop.

Results were IMMEDIATE after the 2-day workshop!
The two became GREAT FRIENDS! Lesser fights and so my house is not like a mad house anymore after that.

Keatkeat became more receptive, positive and encouraging, so it was easier for me to introduce new things to him and let him try.

Keatkeat became more sensitive to my feelings. I could just sit there and be totally silent and he could tell if I am sad, angry or annoyed. This huge change is something that touches my heart deeply, because he no longer irritates me!!!
He knows how I feel and hence he knows how he should approach me. In fact whenever he could sense my angry feelings, he would come to me and say, “Why so angry? Calm down. Its alright.”

These wonderful changes are great and I embrace them, but my purpose of sending Keatkeat for the workshop is in the hope to ‘cure‘ his dreaminess!

Did it work?!

One month!
Yes, one month AFTER graduating from the workshop!
I finally can enjoy teaching Keatkeat Chinese! He does not zone-in and zone-out anymore, especially when he is doing Chinese worksheets.
I am soooooooooooooo happy! In fact, I think I am feeling ecstatic!

Time spent during worksheets have lessen by half or more! So much more time for him to do what he loves = PLAY! *clap clap clap*
When he has more time to play, he is a happier boy and hence the cycle continues. Finish worksheets well and fast, then go play, become happy. The next day, he looks forward to finishing his worksheets first, so that the rest of the day is ALL PLAY!

Can you imagine? He LOOKS FORWARD to doing worksheets!!! Wow! What a magnificent change for Keatkeat.

Now, two months after the workshop, I can say that Keatkeat is finally manageable. The change in his personality makes me want to be an even better parent for him. So this workshop, not only helped him, it helped me too.

So what does the 2-day workshop do?
During the two days, the kids will have lots of fun. It is extremely close to my belief system: ‘When a child is happy, he/she absorbs like a sponge!’
Yes, and so the children stay happy throughout the two days.

Here comes the coolest part! This workshop enables the kids to balance the use of their left and right brain. To do that, sound-wave technology is used.

Sound is a form of energy. Well, its stated in the Science textbook. So there is no doubt about that. *wink* They will hear some sound through a headset during the workshop. So with the right frequency and amplitude, this energy can resonate the brain and hence stimulate the middle part of the brain, known as the mid brain.

In other words, once the mid brain is activated, it acts like a bridge to connect the right brain with the left brain.

Every human is either more right brain or more left brain. A right brainer is more emotional, who is very good at creative stuff like art, singing and dancing. However, the left brainer is a logical thinker who is great at Maths, Science and things that need analysis.

Can you imagine if your child have a balance use of both brains? Can you imagine what your child can achieve, not only academically but as a person for the rest of his/her life?!

Why use half a brain when God gave us two brains, right? One brain is definitely better than half brain, isn’t it? This is not rocket science, this is common sense, yes? *eyebrows raised*

They had so much fun during those two days that their first response after the workshop ended was, “When can I come again?! I want to come again!”

I know. I know. You are dying to know the price right?

Since my children went to the workshop, the company gave me some $50 discount vouchers and I am giving them to all my readers. Readers who want your child to achieve greater things in life, have a more balance personality and ultimately YOU can nag lesser, and truly enjoy your parenting life; then, take this opportunity.

So you will get a $50 discount from the price.
Wait! Not done yet!

On top of that, I am so overwhelmed by the result, I am going to sponsor another $50 from MY OWN POCKET for your child to go for this workshop. Which is why I said on my Facebook status “I want to *give your child $50*”

Yes, I believe in giving back. Which is the reason why I set up this blog. It IS ALL ABOUT YOUR CHILD!

I had been sharing tips and tricks which would make parenting life less frustrating and whatever that my child has benefited, I share on this blog too. Simply because I want your child to benefit from it too.

Once the mid brain is activated, it is permanent. So you do not need to worry that your money would be wasted. Once you have it, it stays.

Not just my child, but the children of my friend, Ainie, who told me about this workshop, has also benefited from the workshop. Thank you Ainie for introducing this to my boys! *hugs*

I believe in paying it forward.

If people can give/donate money during those Charity shows to people whom they do not know, I cannot find a reason not to sponsor your child $50 for this workshop when you have been so faithful to my blog. You are the ones who made this blog possible. It is my way of giving back to you. I want your child to benefit from it for the rest of his/her life.

So with the company’s $50 voucher and my sponsorship of $50, you will get a TOTAL of $100 rebate from the price of the workshop.

Here’s how to get this $100 rebate:
Step 1: Email me to tell me that you are interested. Email me at or Facebook me @ Angeline Foong.

Step 2: I will give you my number and we will arrange for a meetup to collect the $50 voucher from me.

Step 3: After COMPLETING the 2-Day workshop, scan and email me at the registration form, give me your account number and I will transfer the $50 to you.

In other words, you will get an instant $50 discount when you sign up for the workshop and another $50 cash transferred to your account when your child has completed the 2-day workshop.

For my regular readers, you know my style, yes means yes and no means no. If I dare to say this, I will keep my promise and do it!

For those of you who want to find out more, meet me at the Preview, this Sunday 15th January 2012, 2pm to 3.30pm. Email me and I can arrange a meetup with you and pass you the $50 voucher too.

You will have all your questions answered and doubts cleared on the spot. *Smile*

Come! Help me to help your child, which is the true purpose for the existence of this blog. I really want your child to benefit from what my child has benefited.

Your Child Needs This


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How to Make Ice-Cream with Your Child?

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How to Make Ice-Cream with Your Child
As mentioned in Keatkeat’s 8th birthday post, his future uncle-in-law and my sis brought my boys to an ice-cream workshop as a birthday gift for my elder son.

According to my sis, the kids and the adults were in separate rooms. While the kids had fun making ice-cream in one room, the organiser was busy promoting products to the adults in another room. My sis had the perfect excuse to stop the hard selling advancement of the promoters, “They are my nephews. I am not their parent.” And the promoter left my sis alone.

Only after the kids have finished slurping their ice-cream, were the adults allowed to join the children.


At the end of it, each received a “I am a Little Ice Cream Chef” certificate with the ice-cream recipe printed at the back.




Keatkeat: “Thank you Ah Yi and Big Big Gor Gor for the Ice Cream Workshop Birthday Present.”
How to Make Ice-Cream with Your Child

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