Ok, this is serious stuff. Its been bottled with a cork stuck on the top, thrown into the sea for about a month now. Yet the current brought it back to shore, right back to my doorstep.

We will be having a very difficult time for the next 4 months. *fingers crossed* This is already looking at the positive side. One of Allan’s deal burst this week (read details here).

This deal was suppose to be completed in late February, meaning money in the pocket. But now its gone and the next commission is in June, that is IF THIS JUNE-CASE do NOT BURST TOO!. Yes, this ‘June’ case is ALSO on the Bubble. *Arrrghhhh*

I don’t know how to describe how CRITICAL my situation is now, all I can say is: I’m willing to do ANYTHING at least for the NEXT 4 MONTHS, except to sell my butt, which probably doesn’t worth much anyway.

ANYTHING! Even if it means to leave my kids and stay in a office for 12hours.

DO YOU HAVE any news on company needing part-timers or project basis workers for assignments?

I AM DESPERATE, like ants on the frying plate. I am so fidgety right now because I might not be able to pay for my boys’ school fees from May onwards. Yes, its that serious. I’m not joking. I’m not even in the mood to joke now.

Every day I have people coming to me with their problems, I’m giving advices and ‘counseling’ session, if I was a professional counselor and charging with every email or sms, Whoo-hoo, I’ll be rich!

Or with the number of readers (not commenters) I have now and each DONATING $1 to me. MY-o-my! It would be enough to pay for my electrical bills!

I HATE IT! I’m so ‘up-to-the-wall’ that I am even doing reviews which only pay $0.69 for 150 words! How pathetic am I? No, I’m not pathetic, I’m standing at the edge of the cliff with a pair of ice-skating boots! That’s how UNSTABLE I am now!


DO YOU?! *begging*