I have to tell you this, or else I can’t sleep!

(Everything written in this post happened on 11th Oct 2008)

Were you there?

Well, I was….

……I WAS ON STAGE speaking through the microphone! *SCREAM* I was one of the discussion panelist in the Working Mothers Forum.

That’s me in my lucky yellow blouse with a lovely corsage pinned on my left, whereby I’ll NOT have to wait till my boys’ wedding day before I have the chance to ‘wear’ that! I love it so much, I brought it home as a souvenir.

I freaked out when I received the invitation email almost 2 weeks ago. My first reaction was, “This must be a joke!” Then I read it again. This time, slowly scanning through each word, hoping to find the sentence, “this is just a joke”….but it didn’t appear!

My heart skipped a beat. My mind was racing like F1, “OMG! What would they ask? What should I wear? What if I have a bad hair day or my eyes were too dry that I couldn’t wear contact lenses? I wouldn’t want to appear in my spectacles! I’ll look horrible in them (in my point of view)!….” A part of me wanted to go, the other part of me didn’t.

But there was a voice louder than my own thoughts, Knock-knock! Haven’t you forgotten that you are NOT a stage-person? No stage liked you! Remember how you fall almost E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E you are on stage?!”

I was in the Chinese Dance Group during my Secondary School years and I have NO idea why my teachers ALWAYS picked me to be one of the actresses for all class acts during the Monday assembly sessions.

I am not afraid of the stage, but I’ll just fall for no reason, whatsoever, whenever I’M ON STAGE! It’s like there’s a tripping-ghost who is all out to embarrass me…*Urgghhh*

I pulled my knees close to my chest, turned my ‘office-chair’ 90degrees to face Allan, who was trimming his nails.

“Dearie, you know, there is this Working Mother’s Public Forum….blah blah blah” I went on to tell him EVERYTHING that was on my mind and when I was done, I was expecting him to give his typical reply, If you don’t feel comfortable about this, don’t do it.” BUT NO! Instead he said, “Go.” flatly!

Hey that’s not right?! My ears are playing tricks on me. I double-checked, ‘highlighted my point’ to him again, “But I am afraid that…blah blah blah”

He looked straight into my eyes, spoke as if none of my fears meant anything to him, “Go! There must be a reason why you are the chosen one. It’s an honor. Go!”

I wasn’t satisfied (sometimes I can really be a pain in the ass). I needed another opinion.

Walked into my sis’s room, “Meimei, are you free, can I talk to you?” And I repeated everything again. This time I was shivering and I couldn’t control my teeth chattering. I was feeling the nervousness even before I replied Yes to the invitation! (Meimei, if you are reading, please verify in the comment box that I’m not exaggerating this)

Meimei’s concluding sentence was: “If they invited me, I wouldn’t go, because I’m afraid that I wouldn’t know what to say. But your concern is that you’ll fall on stage, which is something that JUST MIGHT NOT HAPPEN. So Go!”

It was 2half Yes(s) against half No (Remember? A part of me wanted to go too) And so I replied “Yes!” to the invitation…..

9th Oct, 2 days before the event. I was tossing and turning in bed. Visiting the toilet so often which made me wonder if I’m gonna die of dehydration that night ‘cos I was still flushing away at 4am when my last intake of water was at 11pm!

I couldn’t sleep at all! Damn! Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea afterall!

But now, I’M GLAD I WENT!!!!

It was fun. It was exciting and informative. The biggest reward was, its an experience that I won”t get just by throwing a coin into the wishing well!

Ok, let’s make this clear: Working Mothers Forum did not pay me to say this: – I hope all working moms would go for the next Working Mothers Forum, especially if you dare to ask questions and willing to mingle around with other mothers, you are definitely in for a treat!

It was A COMPLETELY Allan+Me DAY TODAY! We sent the kids to my MIL’s place at noon. Then off we went for the Working Mothers Forum and after which we headed down to Yishun for a wedding dinner.

When the dinner ended at almost 11pm. We knew we were gonna be meeting our whinny boys, but to our surprise they didn’t make those irritating sounds! They ran out to welcome me (how I wish I could say ‘us’…*sigh* but Allan is used to that already…) with a big smile accompanied with a big hug as they went “Mommmm…mmy”.

The boys were a little cranky during the 30mins car ride home. But with a day soooo 100% dedicated to Allan and I, we were so refreshed, so re-charged, even the whining sounds sounded melodious. *laugh*

The very special thing about Allan and I is when we do get such precious time alone, we MAKE FULL USE OF IT. We don’t think about our kids, whether are they crying, will they be missing us, should we be ringing my MIL to check on them…blah blah blah; WE JUST ENJOY OUR COUPLE TIME! We hold hands, we laugh, we chat, we talk about everything under the sun!

I think its important that during such precious time, couples SHOULD learn to enjoy each other’s company instead of engaging in arguments and all the unhappy talks….

*Phew* Its been a super long day. The time on my clock says 1.55am 12th Oct. *Yawn* I’m exhausted…will hop over to your blog when I’m wide awake…Good Night….

Enjoy your weekends….