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We had an advanced birthday celebration for my sons’ Grandpa on 3rd August 2014.
Always love celebrating any of my in-law’s birthday in a restaurant.
To me, its a day to celebrate and I really dislike seeing my MIL fussing over what to cook and the 3 DILs taking turn to wash dishes, which is how we spend our usual Sundays.

Oh well, to me, on special days, things should be done differently……

So I was very happy to know that we would be going Sakura for dinner last Sunday.
After the birthday song was sung, Kitkit popped the non-alcoholic-champagne bottle and poured the beverage out for everyone.
His champagne-popping skill has improved so much that before I held up my camera phone to capture him doing it, he popped it!
So Professional!!!

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2nd SIL was the one who brought the non-alcoholic-champagne for everyone and Red Wine for the 3 DILs of the Loh Family.
Her daughter, my eldest niece, C.H. made bouncy yummy mango puddings for all.
*Super Grin*

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Then the eat-all-you-can feasting began at 7pm+.
Everyone had a FULL-filling Good Time at Sakura!

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A celebration is not a celebration unless its filled with laughter.
Watching kids having fun together, laughing at each other, always bring smiles to the adults’ faces.

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More Photos in the SlideShow below:

It was indeed a great celebration for my FIL.
Happy Birthday!

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