It dawned onto me yesterday that my boys could hang their own clothes years ago, yet have not learned how to operate the washing machine!
I taught them the harder chore first before the easier one. *laugh*
What a mummy!

hangclothes1a hangclothes2a

So yesterday, the boys finally learned how to switch on the washing machine, which buttons to press, how many times should they press on each button and what buttons NOT to press too!
How much laundry will fit the washing machine and how much detergent to use as well.


Allan and I are slowly letting go of our duties and handing over to our boys, which in my opinion is considered slow compared to my progress when I was their age.

However, that’s me, not them.
Every child is different. Every child learns at different pace. I always believe that kids should be taught new things when they are ready, mentally and physically.


Watching them putting the laundry into the washing machine, taking them out one at a time (after the load has been washed), laying them on the bamboo, securing them with clothes pegs and finally lifting the bamboos up to the holders… every step they made just warms my heart.
My boys are growing up so fast and well.
I glad I didn’t miss their milestones and had been there to watch them grow over the past 9 years.


Being a Stay-At-Home-Mum for 9 years now…. Totally worth it!