We celebrated my 3rd niece’s 10th Birthday yesterday.
A simple Cake-Cutting moment at home,
With a Sumptuous Dinner at the end.

 photo MY102014-2_zpsa5e9ed8d.jpg photo MY102014-1_zpse8c9c2a7.jpg

Though nothing extraordinary, M.Y. was still a happy girl yesterday.
Knowing that her mobile phone cover was damaged, we bought a new one for her.
Having something useful was not enough for her (we thought), so we asked if she wanted more bands to add to her current collection.
She agreed.
As years passed, we noticed that her birthday wishes have turned from impractical things to very practical ones.
It could have been just the mobile phone cover, had we not suggested the bands.
Such a matured and sensible girl now.

 photo MY102014-95_zps391a222c.jpg

 photo MY102014-94_zps259d7d34.jpg

Its my second time there with my in-laws.
I had forgotten what occasion it was previously.
However, I do hope they will go there on all occasions!
*huge laugh*
Really Really Yummy!
The thought of the food is making me salivate now!

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 photo MY102014-4_zpsfa0628dd.jpg
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 photo MY102014-8_zpsd4054534.jpg
 photo MY102014-5_zps76a4ba61.jpg
 photo MY102014-7_zps75fbbfdd.jpg
 photo MY102014-91_zps04fc9cc4.jpg
 photo MY102014-92_zpsea6bde6b.jpg

Want to specially thank our Selfie Expert, C.H. , to help us take this group photo.

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