My Childhood

Shortly after I was born, my parents left me with my aunt. They visited me only on weekends. So naturally I wasn’t close to them. To me, It has always been my aunt; to me, my aunt was my mum.

When I was 5, my parents decided to bring me home (beats me why they took 5yrs to come to that decision). Hated those days, ‘cos it really felt like living with strangers, cried all the time.

2yrs later my sister was born…thought I had a playmate? NO! I had a burden, at the age of 7, I had to learn how to take care of her, a tiny baby who knows nothing but cry & poopoo all the time.

Why? Mum was a habitual gambler, so she normally disappears for her mahjong sessions. Here’s what my Mum put me through.

Dad was holding 3 jobs, he was hardly at home. The gambling problem grew into bigger problem – violence. Whenever the 2 adults meet, quarrels and violence doesn’t stop till my mum leaves the house and sneak back in at wee hours in the morning.

Tried sending my parents for counselings over many years but failed. Locked my mum in the house … failed.

Soon after, it resulted into frequent visits from “loan sharks”….I guess that was the peak of all the problems. My dad had heart problems all along. Ever since the “loan sharks” started their pursuit for around 2 years, my dad’s heart couldn’t take it any longer, he passed away at the age of 54.

My husband and I came up with a plan to help my mum settle her S$50,000 loan + interest from 8 loan sharks and countless friends and relatives; on the agreement that she will stop her gambling or my sister and I will ‘disown’ her. We believed that it would be the last thing that any mum would want.

But we were wrong. She was so addicted that even her love for her children couldn’t overcome the love of the tiles on the mahjong table. Yes….we left her. Never kept in contact with her till year 2006 when we received a phone call from the hospital. She passed away at the age of 59.

Since young, getting money has been a struggle, so I started to give tuition at the age of 13. Had a great opportunity to help out in a Child Care Centre for three years. Learned many great tips on handling children effectively. Have been practicing those tactics on every kid who had crossed my path, the ‘tricks’ work!

Hence since young, I made a decision! I will do my best to give my kids the attention they need, never to let them feel unloved. Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe in ‘spoiling’ children. There is always a limit set for misbehavior.

I am 34 now, happily married for 12yrs to Allan, madly in love with my 2 smart boys, KeatKeat and BinBin. By spending time with them everyday as a Stay At Home Mom, I learn new ways (on top of what I had learned previously) in making my parenting life an enjoyable one.
Thank u for reading. Wishing u & your family health, wealth & happiness always.

My Profile

Gender: Female

Horoscope: Libra

Location: Singapore

Schools I’ve attended:
1984-1989 : Clementi North Primary School.

1990-1994 : Clementi Town Secondary School.

1995-1998 : Singapore Polytechnic.


Me as Mommy

I’m a Mommy who goes with the flow. Every kid is different though guidelines are good, like when to start potty training so that you can save tons of $$$ when you child is diaper-free, but when the child is not ready, what’s the point, all you get is frustrations and parenting should not be a frustrating journey. It all voice down to how much you understand your child, isn’t it?

Some parents bother about what the kids eat, I worry if they don’t eat.

Some parents complain about their kids are too active, I would be very concern if they just sit there like a rock.

Some parents care too much about their child’s performance in comparison to his/her classmates, I am contented so long as they could read and write.


My Jobs

Age 12-19: Part-time tuition teacher. I started giving tuition at the house of my students when I was just 12 years old. My very first student was my mom’s mahjong friend’s daughter.

Age 16-18 : Part-time child care centre teacher at my church-friend’s child care centre. I was very honoured to be given responsibilities as great as being the main teacher in-charge for the Kindergarten 1 class for a period of 3 full months when I was having my long break because the main teacher was in training.

Age 16: Part-time staff in Mcdonalds. Surprisingly, after cleaning the toilets for 1 week, I was assigned to be part of the children-birthday-party team, organising games and gifts for the parties.

Age 20: Worked part-time in MobileOne shop, the telecommunication provider, as a service personal.

Age 21: Graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with Diploma in Marketing. My first full time job was being a Customer Service Personal fully in charge of Canon Marketing Pte Ltd Showroom in Funan IT Mall.

Age 22: Worked in Design & Marketing Pte Ltd as an Event Coordinator for all sorts of events. As big as the IT Fair or as small as a 50 pax seminar.

Age 24: Start to venture on our (Allan & I) own. Opened our Bubble Tea Shop at Jurong East Central.

Age 24-30: Running all over Singapore, operate from pushcarts, bazaars, mini-bazaars in companies for their staff. Things that I sell over the 6 years include:

  1. High end jewellery like precious stones on 925 sterling silver
  2. Mobile phone accessories
  3. Animal skin and animal fur bags
  4. Teenager’s T-shirts
  5. Kid’s T-shirts
  6. Jewellery Boxes
  7. Hair accessories
  8. Hand-painted and Hand-sewn t-shirts/blouses and skirts
  9. Handmade Jewellery and Handmade accessories


My Business

Since March 2014 till this day : A Business Owner of an International Online Shopping Mall with Reputable Brands/Companies from all over the world as Partner Stores on my Website.


My Passion


Chocolate in any form. Dark chocolate, wine wrap in chocolate, mint chocolate are those that will definitely perk me up!

Wine or cocktail with liquor added. Red wine and long-island tea are top on the list.

Cheese in any form. Melted cheese on pizza or cheese cake, I love them all.

Sushi!!! Need I say more?


SLEEP. (I hardly have the chance now.)

Fixing Jigsaw Puzzles.

Playing Mind Games like Reversi, Sudoku, Quizzes and stuff that put my memory power to the test.

Doing Personality Tests.

Listening to Music / Songs played by the piano.

Singing and Humming.

Acting silly infront of children, be it my own or not.

Listening to people’s problems.



Watch competitive shows like American Idol, Fear Factor, Amazing Race.

Reading books on Horoscope, Body Language, Dream Interpretation and Fengshui (Geomancy).


My Wishes

To pay off all my debts.

Move out of this house and leave the awful memories of the past behind. Done in 2012! YEAH! *clap clap clap*

Able to clear my stocks faster – I’m still left with lots of beads (still beading them up), handmade earrings, hand-painted T-shirts, teens T-shirts, hairclips, 925 sterling silver rings and pendants with Mother of Pearl on them. You can check them out over here.

Allan to be successful in his property line, have down-lines so that he can start having passive income.

Help as many children as I can, especially the emotional side. If you read my story, you’ll know it isn’t easy for children to be under emotional stress. It could affect their thoughts and their belief systems significantly.

To have a passive income of at least 3,000 per month and earned income of at least 5,000 per month. I am definitely getting closer to this dream with my current business! YES!!! *punch into the sky*

More stuff on me to come…..still digging my memory cells on what to say, you can post your questions here, anything you want to know about me, that will help alot. *wink*

….to be continued….