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Our fun at the Alive Museum would not have been possible without the Sponsor and our choice of going on a Weekday Afternoon, when everyone else is or should be working.

We were invited to visit the Alive Museum at Suntec City 19th August 2014.
We had planned to go on a much earlier date and was extremely grateful to the sponsor who called us to warn us of the huge crowd on that scheduled date (weekday but it was a school holiday).alive2014-e
Though we were already on our way to the Alive Museum, we decided to make a U-Turn.
The reason we chose to go on a Weekday Afternoon is so as to avoid the crowd.
By nature, Allan and I are not crowd lovers, and we understand that at such places, going on a day and time whereby there are lesser visitors is the best way to have more fun.

Yes, we made that U-Turn and went back home, and re-scheduled another weekday.
Though the sponsor representative felt apologetic, we were actually very grateful. Had she not called, we would be queuing, waiting to enter and I am pretty sure my boys would not be so willing to pose when there are so many eyes watching them.

To me, Alive Museum is a place for those who are fun, creative, not afraid of being watched and love photography.

If you or the people who are going with you does not fit into the above 4 categories, this Alive Museum would just be any other Museum whereby you will just stroll and browse through the paintings on the wall and floor.

alive2014-9xOther than 2D paintings that look like 3D, there are also Interactive sections where you can lift up Marilyn Monroe’s skirt with a simple blow, jump on a mini trampoline or get a good pencil sketch of your friends or loved ones.

Binbin had more fun than Kitkit. As Kitkit is moving into the teenage stage, he has become more conscious of how people look at him, or how he behaves in public, in fear of embarrassment. Therefore you will see more photos of Binbin than Kitkit in the slideshow below.

There are more paintings in Alive Museum than Trick Eye Museum, however, having more than 80 artworks in that 10,000 sqft area and the way the paintings were positioned, there were many occasions whereby we have to wait for other people to complete their photo capturing before we could move on. If we reached a certain painting before others, it will be pretty stressful for some of us when we have strangers staring at us, waiting ‘impatiently‘ for us to get the right angle and get the right pose.alive2014-9t

We were not in a rush, so we were willing to wait patiently. What disappointed me the most was the lighting for some paintings. Shadows were cast over our faces for many photos and we spent many seconds or even minutes to tilt our heads so that the light can be on our faces; sadly, most of the times, we failed.

Even though there were markings on the floor to tell you where to stand to get the best angle of every painting, most of the time, these ‘Photo Points’ will overlap each other. In other words when I am standing at one ‘Photo Point‘, other paintings may be captured in the photo too.

We spent approximately 3 hours in Alive Museum, but I would say about 20mins were spent on waiting for other visitors to complete their shot or waiting for them to move our of my camera focus.

We took 194 photos in total! *laugh*
But many of them were retake of the same paintings with different angles or expressions.
Don’t worry, I am not going to put all 194 photos into the slideshow below, I will only select the better ones from the lot.

Alive Museum
Suntec City, between Tower 3 and 4,
Opens from 10am – 10pm (last admission 9pm)
$25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 yrs)

Once again, I want to thank the Sponsor for the invitation.
Without you, my family would not be able to capture so many nice photos, which will bring back great memories years down the road.




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So what if it drizzles!?

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It had been cloudy and rainy for the first week of December 2013 but my boys are dying to get wet in the pool. Once we saw that it was not raining on 4th December, even though the clouds were grey, we packed all swimwear and headed off to Jurong Swimming Complex.

 photo swimfee1a_zps2a90c99b.jpg

Its our second visit. I was rather surprised that I did NOT blog about our first experience years back. Hhhmmm…. Anyhow, this time, my boys were no longer interested in the tall, spiral, tube slides; guessed they were just lazy to climb those stairs. Well, they have also outgrown the toddlers and little children’s play section. So all that they did were splashing around at the Lazy River and the Big Wave zone.

Then it started to drizzle, but there were no thunder or lightning warning sign going off.
So what if it drizzles!? They are already WET ANYWAY! *tongue in cheek*
It did not dampen their mood at all, though it was REALLY COLD!!!!

2 hours was spent soaked in giggles and laughter……

 photo swimfee1c_zpsabdeca73.jpg

 photo swimfee1b_zps21e9b7bf.jpg

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