(Its horrible when I look at my drafts… there are soooo many places the kids went and yet I’ve NOT blog them YET…)

This happened on 21st September when my sis and her boyfriend brought my 2 boys to the zoo….

Allan was super busy that day…

What does that mean?

I had complete ‘me-time’ from 10am to 5pm!!! Woo-hoo! Didn’t do anything fanciful, just enjoy complete freedom that day. Did I miss them? I would be a Pinocchio if I had said “NO”, but still, I enjoyed me, myself and I for the full 7hours!

My sis and her bf took many photos, but for blogging purposes, I didn’t put up photos (of animals) without the kids in them; afterall, its kids that I’m blogging about, not Singapore Zoological Gardens. *wink*

They took lots and lots of photos, But according to my sis and kids, there were 3 main ‘highlights’ on that day….so I’ll just give you the ‘cream of the crop':-

Elephant Show

Binbin was PISSED when the elephant ‘sprayed’ water on him, soaking him through! (they were sitting at the front row) He was very FURIOUS! My sis felt that it was a waste she did not captured his ‘pissed-look’ at that very moment, she said it was hilarious.

Minutes later, that elephant stepped forward again and Binbin hid himself behind my sis and asked, “is that elephant going to spray water on me AGAIN!?”

Pony Ride

When I heard my sis tell the pony-ride-tale, I remembered taking the ride when I was about Keatkeat’s age, I still have that photo with me, my posture was weird…*laugh*

My boys said “yes” when my sis and her bf asked if they wanted to ride on the pony. So my sis’s bf went to get the tickets. When he was back, the kids said “NO!”

The adults including the ones guarding the ponies were trying all ways and means to coax the 2 boys to get their butts on the 4-legged animal.

“Don’t worry, Ai Yee (Auntie i.e. my sis) will be beside you, I’ll hold you all the way, you need not be afraid…” None of the encouraging words work, rather, nothing made them barge! They were very firm with their decision!

Luckily the tickets could be refunded. I wonder were there many such cases? If not, why would they allow refund so easily? Hmmm…

Kangeroo Feeding

This video shows how ‘Garang’ (fearless) the kids were, before the Kangeroo Feeding session:-

Binbin was with my sis bf, while Keatkeat was with my sis. Binbin was so afraid, his legs were on my sis’s bf’s lap the whole time when in the first place, he should be SITTING on the log instead of his lap! *laugh*

As for Keatkeat, you think he was brave?

Nah! Looking at the last photo – My sis walked away a little faster at the end of the feeding session. Keatkeat was a little slow…

Then my sis said, “Keatkeat, smile!”

He stood there obediently, as still as a rock! Why?! ‘cos on his left, there was a big bug on the ground and that scared the hell out of him… Then he was sandwiched when one Kangeroo moved towards his left!

At this moment, Keatkeat’s expression seemed to tell my sis that, “Damn! I’ve got to smile at the camera, or else I’m not gonna get out of this situation!”

He dare not move an inch, until my sis took that shot and ‘saved’ him from his plight!

This was truly a great day for ALL of us! Thank you sis and sis’s bf!