KitKit’s 9th Birthday CelebrationSssss….

Special Moments

PhotobucketThere is PRE-Birthday-Celebration, ACTUAL-Day-Celebration and POST-Birthday-Celebration for my Kitkit this year.

He is definitely one lucky 9 year old!


Let’s begin with the PRE-Birthday-Celebration:

27th October 2012 : Celebrated with the Loh Family

We were there for dinner only. We bought Satays, BBQ Chicken Wings, Fried Chicken Wings and Ngoh-Hiang to add variety to Kitkit’s granny’s Yu-Tou-Lu (Fish SteamBoat). The dinner was SUPERB!
Then the kids moved on to play with the mind-boggling metal-ring-removing puzzles, emboss tools and binoculars, which we bought for the 6 kids as ‘goodies bag’.

It was funny how the two scorpios in the family (eldest niece and Kitkit) both reacted the EXACT SAME way the moment the unwrapped the puzzle, “Let me use Strength to get it out!” and kept saying “Cannot take out one. Someone help?!”

Hhhhmmmm….always looking for an easier way out eh, scorpios? *twisted mouth*

However, after Allan took out the metal ring for my eldest niece (just to PROVE to her that the ring can be taken out from the puzzle) and put it back into the puzzle piece again for her to try on her own, she managed to solve it too in no time! *thumbs up*

After a rest from the sumptuous dinner, finally it was cake-cutting time!
This year, Kitkit’s cake became the CENTRE OF ATTENTION, instead of the birthday boy. *huge laugh*


They were teasing and laughing at the cute cake. The conversation exchanged was hilarious!
“Is this a house of bricks, house of straw or house of sticks?” and another person would reply, “Look! There are brick lines on the house, so its the house of bricks!”
“Hey! Where’s the big bad wolf?” and Kitkit would say “We are! ‘cos all of us are going to blow….”
“The pigs are bigger than the house! How to go in?! Sure get captured by the big bad wolf.”
And such funny conversations went on and on from everyone; from as young as the 5 year old kindergartner to as old as the near 60+ old folks.
*huge laugh*


I was too slow to take out my video phone, so only this small section was captured before we sang the birthday song. Listen to the things they say in the video, especially Kitkit’s command before we blew…..*laugh*

Actually, even AFTER the birthday song, the teasing still continued.
The kids were poking the nose of the pigs and naughty Allan broke-into the house through the roof, etc…. *laugh*


 Another PRE-Birthday Celebration

29th October 2012 : Celebrated with his Ah Yee and Yee-Zhang

Well, I was not there, so cannot comment much. The only thing I can confirm was the kids’ reply when my sis asked them “Are you having fun?” and they said “Infinity YES!”




Actual Day Celebration
Midnight 1st/2nd November Cake-Cutting, just the four of us

 All Cakes were chosen by him…no influence from any of us at all, except for the size of the cake.



Right after fetching him from school, we went on to fulfill his birthday lunch wish : Kenny Rogers at Johor Bahru, Malaysia.





As usual, we had to run errands for our new house before we head back to Singapore to fetch Binbin from school before we drove to Suntec City’s Tony Romas to fulfill Kitkit’s Birthday Dinner Wish.


Sorry, we were too hungry after having to wait in queue for more than 15mins, so I forgot to snap shots of the yummy food and thus ended up capturing the empty plates. *giggle*

As usual, he likes to draw on the keep-the-kids-entertained sheet of paper, which is provided by Tony Romas.


Guess what did he draw?
MineCraft again!
*eyes rolled*

POST-Celebration : Underwater World in Sentosa
Date yet to be confirm.

This WAS Kitkit’s birthday wish 2 years ago, however for some reason, which Kitkit and everyone else have forgotten, we did not go until this year.


Bought the voucher and collected the tickets already. We paid $2 lesser because we decide NOT to take the Sentosa Express but to drive in instead. Will definitely be going during the long school break, but as to when exactly, hhhhmmm…. will depend on the progress of our new house and the weather.



Tickets are staring at me as I type this down. They are here alright, just no idea when will they be used…..



Presents collected this year :-

LEGO set from Ah Yee and Yee-Zhang


Hong Bao from Bak-Bak & Bak-Leong (left) / Hong Bao from Grandparents (right)


  Stationary from Cousins


and His LONG-AWAITED MICRO CHARGERS from Yi-Bak & Yi-Bak-Leong



Happy Birthday Kitkit!

KitKit’s 9th Birthday CelebrationSssss….

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Happy 9th Birthday KitKit

Special Moments

My first born turns 9 today.
These 9 years, had not been easy.
As I allow my fingers to dance on the keyboard, I am still breathing deeply to calm myself down.

I once wrote a post that talked about how Kitkit would do something abnormal EVERYDAY which would either drive us up the wall or make us scold him. Hours before he blow his 9th candle, he is still doing what toddlers would do, i.e. do without thinking.

When we stepped out of TimeZone, after 1+ hour of fun, Kitkit hugged me and said, “Thank You Mummy for spending unnecessary money on us to make us happy.”
Isn’t that sweet?

The honey words sweetened my heart so much I felt like I was going to have diabetes!
the bitterness that comes after…. destroyed all sweetness.

It is a habit that I insist my boys to have, the moment we step into the house, regardless of where we went : Wash Hands Wash Legs.

For 8 years (not including the first year when he was still a baby), AT LEAST 2920 times over these 8 years, for him to cultivate this habit : Wash Hands, Wash Legs IN THE TOILET the moment we come home.

Almost 3000 times of practise!
Still not enough???!!!!

This day, a couple of hours before he blow his 9th candle at midnight on 1st/2nd November, he chose to wash his hands in the Kitchen basin.

Guess where did he wash his legs?
He used his hands as a bowl, tried to ‘store‘ some water and splash it on his feet, which was standing on the kitchen floor!!!

His soles, OBVIOUSLY still dirty, created new BLACK FOOTPRINTS designs on the kitchen’s beige floor tiles as he walked into the living room, switched on the TV and laughed as he watched his favourite cartoon, as if he had done something perfectly normal!

*eyes rolled*

I remember hearing a saying that goes something like this,
“If you are not caught, nothing that you do is wrong.”

But this son of mine, ALWAYS leave a trace behind after every ‘crime‘ he makes.

The kitchen floor was super wet and dirty!
I asked him WHY did he not wash in the toilet AS WHAT HE WOULD DO FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS?!
He said he was afraid of darkness and was lazy to switch on the lights of the toilet. Since the kitchen lights are already switched on, it is more ‘convenient‘ to wash in the kitchen.

Can you believe this?!?
*Double Eyes Rolled*

Anyway, after listening to ‘my music’, with his head down, he took the floor-towel and wipe his mess.

I DO NOT CLEAN up his ‘shit‘!
To me, even when he was much younger, if you make a mess, YOU CLEAR the mess!
Do Not expect ANYONE to do the dirty work for you!


I do not want to pretend to be happy when I am not.
That is the type of blogger I am.
I blog about my exact feelings, even if its BAD feelings on a Supposedly-Happy post.
Birthday Post is supposed to be a happy post, but I am not.
So this shall be his birthday post this year.

No mood to post his TWO pre-birthday-celebration with his cousins (27th October) and with his Ah Yee and Yee-Zhang (29th october) now. There were a number of funny moments to share, but I do not even feel like laughing now.

So hopefully, with fingers and toes crossed, the next post would be on the fun he had this year for his 9th birthday…..



Happy 9th Birthday KitKit!

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