How My Child Uses His Income

MoneyTalk for Kids

There had been several opportunities for my boys to earn money and lately, Keatkeat was so determined to get a toy gun, that he did ‘this‘ to keep him motivated.

As most of you would have known, I am NOT a ‘Toy Mummy‘. What I meant is, I do NOT buy toys for my children. Period.

So if they want toys, they will have to work for it, or wait till their uncles and aunties buy the toys for them on their birthdays or during Christmas.

Yes, I really mean WORK for it. Find a task or sell something to earn money.


To me, its EXTREMELY important to let my kids understand that whatever they want in life, they need to put in effort. Money does not fall from the sky. Money needs to come from effort and time sacrifices.

So I started them on this train of thoughts the moment they know how to count money, which was around the age of 4.

One big slap on my face during this round:….
Keatkeat: “Mummy, this time, I want to use my money to buy something that will make you unhappy. But I really like it. How?”

Me: “What?”

Keatkeat: “Aiya, you will be unhappy one lah. I think I better think of something else.”

Me: “What is it?!”

Keatkeat: “But its MY money right? You said I can do anything I want with MY money right? So I can still buy this thing right? Even though you don’t like it, right?”

Me: “Aiyo! What is it????!!!!”

Keatkeat: “I want to buy a toy gun.”

Me: (silence)

Keatkeat: “See?!!! I knew it! You are angry already.”

Me: “ok.”

Keatkeat (in almost disbelief): “Huh? Ok? Ok, can buy?! I can buy the toy gun?!”

Me: “Ya, I think it is more important to keep a promise and take responsibility for what I had said than anything else. If not, you will not trust me anymore.”

Keatkeat (hopped out of his chair and gave me a huge bear hug): “Thank you! Thank you!” and ran to his brother shouting… “Binbin! Mummy let me buy the toy gun leh!….”


Yes, I do NOT like my children to play with guns, knife, sword, darts, handcuffs and anything that ‘promotes‘ violence. Yet, they are not short of those gifts during birthdays and Christmas.

This year, I made an effort to tell their doting uncles and aunties NOT to buy those things for them anymore.

In the end…. *sigh*

So I am REMINDED again to State All Terms and Conditions Properly First Before Telling My Children. *slap in the face*

So what does he do with the remaining money after he had hit his target? Well, he would keep them in a special piggy bank called, “Christmas Gifts”.

I told him, when we earn money, its not all about ourselves, its about GIVING too. We love ourselves, we must love others too. So, the best time to give is during Christmas, afterall Christmas IS the Season of Giving.


So this piece of printout is pasted on the wall infront of his study desk. A great form of motivation for him…. *grin*


Just in case you are wondering, what about their Hong Bao money? Well, 50% of their Hong Bao Money is to be kept in the Bank for long term savings. Not allowed to use their savings in the bank until they are 18 years old. The remaining 50%, yes they can use it to buy whatever they want.

What about Pocket Money?
We changed the rules recently. Whatever that they have left after school, will be rolled over to the allowance for the next school day. So they do NOT save from their pocket money. Why? Because it is NOT something that they work for. It is merely a responsibility of us, parents, to give our children allowance for school.

To get what they want, they must MAKE AN EFFORT to get it.
Only then, will they understand how their parents feel about every cent, when they spent it.
Only then, will my children understand the value of money.
Only then, will they learn to spend more wisely.


What do Your Child do with his/her money?

How My Child Uses His Income

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Children Scooters For Sale

MoneyTalk for Kids

The Children Scooters are really new. In fact, they arrived at my house only in November last year.

The boys rode them in the house all the time, except for this ONE day. It was the day before my sister’s wedding, when we had to move the bikes and the Children Scooters out and placed them at the corridor.

Yup, that was the ONLY day the Children Scooters touched the ‘outside floors‘.


All proceeds from the sale of the Children Scooters will go to my boys.
Just like every other stuffs sold on this blog. Its their things afterall! No reason for us, the parents to keep the money. When you come to collect the Children Scooters, you will pass the money to my kids, not me. *smile*


The distance from the handle to the platform where the child stands, is about 60cm.

I do suggest that you bring along your child to try out the scooter on the spot. As a retailer for so many years in the past, I really dislike discrepancy. So please try out the Children Scooters first before paying. Only when you are happy with the product, then you buy.

The  Children Scooters were purchased at $39.90 each. The kids are selling them for $5.00 each.

Please email me at to fix an appointment.

Thank you.

***Taking this opportunity to say that the Page Boy Suits are still available. See blog post here.

***Updated on 6th February ~ Scooters SOLD!

Children Scooters For Sale

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