Snapbomb is another fantastic place to give you money for the doing the thing you are passionate about. Like the name suggests, its as easy as ‘snapping your fingers’ and landing yourself with a ‘bomb of cash’.

I love their site. Simple, easy and most importantly easy to find your way around. I have seen so many sophiscated websites, with all the blings and blongs and yet when you really need to find the most basic thing like ‘Help’, its no where to be found. *Arrrggghhh* I have sent those sites rolling down the hill.

What I love most about Snapbomb is the value they put to your blog. The value, or the worth of your blog in their view, is a range of how much your blog is capable of earning. I am not sure about you, but its a great motivation for me to pull the values of  my blog higher.

So a site that pays you for doing what you love and at the same time motivates you to raise the ‘standards’ of your blogging skills. Isn’t that just perfect? Go visit Snapbomb now and experience this yourself.