It was barely 3 months ago when we were shopping for my elder son’s school shoes. The shoes are still pretty new, yet boys being boys, they often outwore their shoes before they are even ‘old’ enough to be thrown. The sides of the shoe are already tearing. *sigh*

While choosing a new pair of school shoes for my boy, I remembered seeing a parent struggling to get the right size for her child. It was obvious that she is a first time Mommy, with her first born, preparing for school for the first time. In the end it was the sales representative who showed the Mommy easy tips and tricks to test if the shoe was the correct size for her daughter.

My boy’s school insists on white canvass shoes, while my niece’s school only accepts black PVC shoes. Somehow I prefer my children to wear black shoes to school to that of white because you can hardly tell if its dirty. Thus even if we skipped a few wash, especially during the rainy seasons, it would still be presentable. It is so difficult to dry those white canvass shoes during rainy days.

My niece’s school have a standard type of school shoe for all the students. The style of the shoes is very much like the traditional English boys school shoes, which is both smart looking and comfortable to wear. Oh well, unless I change my boy’s school, or else, I would have to live with his white school shoes.