honest_scrap_award The Beautiful Author behind Hairline Fracture passed this award to me. Thank you girl! *Muack*

How nice to start off my 3rd Blogging Year with such an award.

Yes, Honesty is what is offered here and nothing else.

If I had to make up a story, I would rather not write. That’s me and probably that is why I am not getting as much review projects as I wish to. ‘Cos I do not care how expensive or how branded your product is. If I like it, I would say so; and if I don’t, I would shout it out loud too.

There is a price to pay for this award and here they are:

*Say thank you and give a link to the presenter of the award
*Share “10 Honest Things” about myself
*Present the award to 10 other bloggers whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design or to those who have encouraged me
*Be sure to tell the 10 bloggers chosen that you are giving them the Honest Scrap award and provide the guidelines for them

If you have been with me from the start of this blog 2 years ago, I would say you would have known 70% of me. So to keep your eyes open for the following list, I’m giving you 10 Honest stuff about me that has NOT been revealed before. *wink*

Here goes my 10 Honest Stuff:

  1. I am not a confident person when it comes to my outlook, for many ‘hidden’ reasons.
  2. The highest number of suitors I had at any one (same) time was 8; it was during my Polytechnic years.
  3. I must hug something to sleep or I will have a hard time falling asleep. Too bad, Allan has never been in my list of ‘hug-to-sleep-things’, ‘cos if I did, HE CAN’T SLEEP! *laugh*
  4. I made a promise to myself to get married before I blow out my 24th candle, or else, I’m going to stay single forever. (I got married 4 months before I blew out that 24th candle.)
  5. I had so many part-time jobs in the past that I had lost count.
  6. I used to clean McDonalds’ Toilets when I was 16 years old.
  7. I have tried having long fringe a couple of times and I disliked it!
  8. I love to drink bitter gourd soup, but I don’t eat bitter gourd.
  9. I was admitted to hospital once because of work overload when I was with the Event Company.
  10. One of the MUST have criteria to be my boyfriend was double-eyelid. If you are single-eyelid-ed, you won’t even stand a chance! *giggle*

You know I love all of you. So I’m just picking 10 for the sake of that number, it doesn’t mean the rest of you are less valued ok? I’m giving this award cum meme to:

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(If you have not done the poll about on yesterday’s 2nd Blogoversary post, please be so kind as to spend another 3 seconds to click it. I really need the figures. Thank you. *Muack*)