loyalaward Received this lovely award from my long time blogger-friend Tina. Thank you girl! *Muack Muack*

I had difficulty passing this award because there is this group of YOU who have been visiting me so regularly for so long, yet you hardly comment or may have been a silent reader ever since you found me. I see YOU on my statistics, so I know YOU exist.

I want to take this chance to say THANK YOU! This award is definitely for YOU! Thank you!

How I wish I had the ‘Top 10 Commenter Widget” on my blog so that I can better pass this award down… ‘Cos 99% of MY COMMENTERS are loyal. When I don’t see them here, usually is because they don’t even have time to blog on their own blogs.

This award is hard for me. So I am NOT going to list. But ALL OF YOU deserve this, so PLEASE TAKE IT! And I wanna say Thank You…. x1000! Love Ya!