My dear friend from secondary school, Xiuyan gave birth to her second daughter yesterday. It was a smooth delivery. Awww…what could be better than that ya?!

It was her hubby, Allan (same name as my hubby but very different in character), who broke the news to me.

Me: So what’s the baby’s name?

A: Haven’t choose the Chinese name yet, but I’ve got a meaningful English name for her….I don’t know how to pronounce. It’s spelled as P-H-E-D-R-E.

Me: Why choose a name that even the father can’t pronounce?

A: Not that I can’t pronounce, it sound something like PRE-DER or PRE-DAY.

Me: Hmmm….(doubting)…so what does it mean?

A: I forgot.

Me: HUH?!


So I did a search on Google and Yahoo for the name and found the answer from here .

Phedre is a girl’s name, originated from Greek. It means ‘the bright one’. Other names carrying the same meanings include Phedra and Phaidra.

From this other site, I found the pronunciation to be FEH-druh.

Those Greek names can be a real challenge sometimes, especially when it comes to pronouncing them.