I want to take this post as a chance to say Congratulations to a number of my friends who became first time Daddy and Mommy this year. Though being a first time parents can be a very exciting event, it is also a time to test patience, skills and stamina; especially with the night feeds.

What can be worse when the baby refused to sleep after the night feeds and start to feel cranky, uncomfortable or even in pain because of the gas which went to the lower intestines and could not be burped out after the feed.

Sometimes even after the baby has burped, the baby may still feels uncomfortable 30mins or 1hour after feed because a small amount of gas could have gone to the lower abdominal area.

My elder son suffered because of our inexperience and ended up with colic. Because there were too much gas accumulation. So here’s sharing what made my life so much easier with my younger son, because I learned how to get rid of the extra gas in the lower abdomen.

There are 3 baby gas remedies:

  • With your four fingers, rub the Baby’s tummy in an ‘N’ shape, in a clockwise direction. Starting from the right groin area, ‘push’ the air upwards to the gastric area. Then without lifting your fingers, continue to slide them across to the left side and down to the left groin area and lift up your fingers. Do it again until you hear a fart or till the Baby shows signs of comfort. What you are doing is pushing the air out of the Baby from the anus.


  • Lift up the Baby’s legs, bring them towards the Baby’s tummy and rotate the legs in a clockwise direction, the aim of this is the same as above.


  • Alternate the Baby’s legs in a pedaling motion. One leg up and the other leg down. Keeping alternating the legs until Baby farts or feels more comfortable.

I must always mention that methods that work for my Baby might not work for yours. These baby gas pain relief steps works for my child, I hope it works for your child too.

I understand the thoughts of first time parents, ‘I would do anything so long as the Baby stops being cranky’, yes? So why not try these simple baby massages for gas relief to see if it can give your Baby and you some peace. *smile*