Prenatal Education, ever heard of it? In Chinese, it is known as ‘Tai Jiao’. All over the Internet, there are plenty of Prenatal Education Tools, for example, the very famous Baby Einstein Prenatal education, have you ever saw or read it on the internet? Do you believe in Prenatal Education?

Prenatal Education, in simpler words,  refers to whatever the Mommy does, thinks and feel will affect the fetus’s character and hence when the baby is born, he or she will have the same kind or reaction or action or even same mindset as his or her Mommy.

People who believe strongly in Prenatal Education would often preach about the Importance of Prenatal Education. Well, if it is true, then all pregnant women must truly behave yourselves. *giggle*

I have heard of people writing a Prenatal Education Journal; whereby you, the Mommy, writes in all the bits and pieces of details of what you did for your child so as to impart values when your child is still in the womb. The Mommy would probably write something like “Baby listened to Mozart masterpieces today.” or “Baby went swimming with me today.” or whatever special education the Mommy wants to give.

Prenatal Education is a personal thing, no right and no wrong. The best part is everything you see, hear, feel is actually passed down to the brain of your child subconsciously. No special effort is needed.

You must be wondering why am I talking about this today right? This has been a draft in my blog’s draft box for a really long time now. And after what happened tonight, I think it is time to finish up the incomplete blog post.

When I was pregnant with Keatkeat, Allan and I were still new to the pushcart retail business. So we have lots to chat and discuss whenever we lie in bed. We would keep chatting till one of us fall asleep first. We were are really that talkative!

Yet, when I was pregnant with Binbin, I was working 12hours a day running from one bazaar to the next. Carrying bags and bags of jewelery for setup and tear down at every start and end of each bazaar. I am always exhausted by the time I washed up and laid in bed. I simply went concussed the moment my head touches the pillow. Thus, no more long chats before snoring begins.

Now, Keatkeat loves to chit chat before bedtime. He has endless things to talk about, ask about, laugh about, so on and so forth.

As for Binbin, yup, you have guessed it, he sleeps like a log within minutes! Totally two different behaviors during bedtime and very much reminded me of how I was when I had them in my womb.

Does any of these sound familiar to you? Did your child go through any special Prenatal Education?