If I had knew about these tactics when Kitkit was born, I would not have looked like a mad woman everyday with hair flying all over during the first few months! *Aarrghhh*

Neither would I (or Kitkit’s cries) have kept my neighbours awake because of my inability to stop Kitkit from crying, so much so that my neighbours had to hunt for the household that has a screaming baby every night, by walking to the doors of every house and putting their ears near each door to detect the source of the cries…..I wrote that embarrassing event in this blog in 2008……
If you are looking for a laugh to make your day feel better, you just might want to pop over there and read “My Biggest Embarassment as A Parent.”

Thus, to prevent any first time parent from having the same traumatic experience as me.
I decided to share this video which shows how to stop a baby from crying just like how you would change the TV channel like a remote control.



Bear in mind that these calming reflexes are just like the knee reflex. If you hit your knee at the wrong spot, or just 1 inch away from the correct spot, the knee will have no response. Similarly, these calming reflex, 5S, only works when they are  done correctly.

  1. Swaddling
  2. Side or Stomach Position
  3. Shushing
  4. Swinging Movement
  5. Sucking

Hope this will help lots of New Parents out there!



Stop Your Baby From Crying Like a Remote Control