Allan and I were hunting for 2 books for ourselves, in Popular Bookshop.
Suddenly, Kitkit came to me, while my eyes were still scanning through the shelves, and said: “Mummy, I want to buy a book.”
Me: “Shall we go to the library instead? We can borrow as many as you want.”
Kitkit: “No, it makes me feel like its not mine. I don’t like.”
Me: “Hhhmmm….are you sure you will read?”
Kitkit: “Yes. I promise.”
Me: “Ok, go search and see if you can find a book which you like.”

Before I went on to the next shelf, he stood beside me with a thick book in his hands.
The first thing that came to my mind was: “What?! Of All Books, Why this?!”
We rented the ‘The Hunger Games : Catching Fire’ DVD not long ago.
The images are still fresh in my head and he wants to buy the book?!

Me: “Why do you want to buy this book? You already know the whole story and the ending.”
Kitkit: “Because I like the story. I want to read it again.”

Then it dawn onto me.
Don’t we adults do that too?
We keep doing things that we like.
We keep talking about things we love.
We keep reminiscing memories that makes us smile.

Me: “I would be very disappointed if I see the book sitting on your table instead of in your hands.”
Kitkit: “I’ll pay for the book. Then I will read.”

Yeah! *clap clap clap*
Our teachings are definitely sinking in……..
Allan and I often tell the kids: “Most Humans don’t treasure things that are FREE.”




After 30mins, that was the only book that came home with us.
Allan and I could not find our books, and yet, the one who did not intend to buy anything in the first place, ended up a happy camper.

My 10 year old hardly requests to buy books.
This time, I can see the glow in his eyes.
He even insisted to have it wrapped!
I wrapped for him and earned a big grin and a ‘Thank You’;
…… and he?
He earned a new, nicely wrapped book, which he dropped into this school bag.