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I was uploading all my photos taken yesterday (Childrens’ Day), while waiting, I stumbled across THIS headline!!!

China covered up milk scare to protect Olympics

*Urggghhhh* I’ve always been proud to be a Chinese because of its depth in tradition and history. But now, how come I feel sooooo ashamed to be KNOWN as a Chinese…*sigh*

Snippets of the report:

China knew about the contamination of milk products months ago but covered the scandal up to prevent it tarnishing the Beijing Olympics, according to journalists, rights groups and media critics.

The crisis broke in mid-September, a month after the Olympics, but several Chinese reporters had long known about babies being hospitalised after drinking tainted milk, yet were muzzled by the authorities, the critics say.

An editor at a respected southern China newspaper said that as early as July one of his reporters was investigating how milk powder might have been to blame for children developing kidney stones and falling seriously sick.

“As a news editor, I was deeply concerned because I sensed that this was going to be a huge public health disaster,” Southern Weekend news editor Fu Jianfeng said on his blog.

“But I could not send any reporters out to investigate. Therefore, I harboured a deep sense of guilt and defeat at the time.”

Fu’s blog posting was later removed, although it could be read on some overseas Chinese websites. Fu himself could not be reached for comment.

An estimated 53,000 Chinese children have been sickened after the industrial chemical melamine was added to milk products, and four infants have died.

The first of the baby deaths was on May 1, more than four months before the scandal went public.

Starting with Sanlu milk powder, the scare has gone on to envelop numerous Chinese firms and international companies operating in China, including global giants Cadbury and Unilever.

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao vowed over the weekend to work to restore his country’s reputation, saying it was facing the problem “candidly”.

However, there are claims that Chinese authorities reverted to the familiar practice of squashing the negative news reports, apparently conscious of the damage it would do to the August 8-24 Olympics.

Read the Full Story HERE… my heart sank after reading everything…

not in the mood to post the happy stuff that happened on 1st October now…gonna go sleep on this…see you girls later…sign off 12.35am 2nd Oct.

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First Telematch

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Its NO LESSONS day today! The school is celebrating Children’s Day today in lieu of tomorrow.

This is the first ever Telematch for Keatkeat. He was excited and so was I! Seeing him in action with his friends is something that I could only visualize behind those closed doors and windows of the school.

Different ‘levels’ have different telematches. Nursery level had one of the easiest and Kindergarten2 had one of the most difficult hurdles.Balancing the Rubber Ring on top of his head

So for the K1 it was challenging but far from what you may consider tough.

He is on the extreme left.

Balancing the green rubber ring on his head.

Then he needs to get through the hula hoop with the rubber ring still on his head

(of cos, all the kids cheated by holding on to the ring with their hands)

If I took this just 1second later, Chen Lao Shi would be blocking my screen completely! *phew*

Keatkeat nearly dropped his ring after the hula hoop…he was adjusting it in the picture….

*Arrrggghhh* My camera’s battery was so low…., if not you and I would be watching the video now instead of these ‘lifeless’ photos.

Oh how can I say that its ‘lifeless’?! Its my son alright?! Oh me and my self-talk…

Ok, let’s continue with the actions…..

Then he is supposed to jump over a box

(which I couldn’t get it into the picture).

And this is HIM! Completely satisfied with his performance! *laugh* Look at that full-of-pride smile! Ohhhh….how I missed that smile on camera.

He hardly smile like this on camera nowadays…he is always making funny faces everytime I hold up my camera.

And ONLY AFTER I give him the “smile-properly-or-you-will-not-be-in-the-picture” stare, before he is willing to smile ‘properly’ when I click the button.

But most of the time, *sigh* I just couldn’t be bothered…well, ‘monkey faces’ is what he is good at AT this age, so be it then…that’s why if you had noticed, I seldom put up his monkey faces photos other than the one in the Mid Autumn Post (which he stood with his cousins)……

And these were the presents he received for Childrens’ Day this year. Those presents which are not (labelled) from his teachers were given by the School.

School started an hour later than usual. Which happens to be Binbin’s wakey-wakey time.

So he was with me throughout the telematch having almost as much fun as his big bro.

He didn’t go home empty-handed too. *wink* I got this white balloon off the wall for him, as his Childrens’ Day gift. *laugh*

And tomorrow, my boys are going to have a super fun long day (that is IF it does not rain) with his cousins and if I don’t get back early to post for tomorrow, here’s wishing all Children of my blogger friends and All the Children in the world – A JOYFUL AND FUN-FILLED CHILDRENS’ DAY!

(off the topic…Announcement:

‘Pretty-Birdie’ died yesterday night. Nobody know the reason. My MIL called and said she has a headache now over what she should do with the birdcage and the birdfood which Allan bought….hmmm…

My boys’ FIRST reaction to the news?

Keatkeat: “How come Pretty-Birdie died?”

Binbin: “How come Pretty-Birdie lives one day only?” )

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