Too many things happened just on Sunday and Monday itself….don’t think I’m going to cramp all of that in today’s post…will be spreading them out to a few posts for the next few days.

There have been lots of stuff going on in this four walls and the four walls in my parents in law place… *catching my breath* But first thing first, the events on Sunday, Mid Autumn Festival, 14th Sept, was so ‘packed’.

At 10.30am, my boys and I were woken by the drums and the cymbals of the lion dance troupe. It was the opening ceremony of the coffeeshop behind my block of flats. We ‘dashed’ down after the kids gulped their bottle of 240ml of milk in super fast speed.

Dragon Dance

And they were well rewarded for their effort.


Right after lunch at this new coffee-shop, we went to the opening ceremony of my friend’s watch shop. Remember I stood for 12hours under the hot sun helping my friend to tend her stall for a few days when she couldn’t find any staff? Yup, this is the friend I’m referring to. Finally they have slogged for more than a decade and now they are reaping what they sowed.

My friend’s youngest child of 3 is just 3 months younger than Binbin and the 3 of them ‘clicked’ the moment they saw each other….

The last time these 3 met each other was when Keatkeat was still ‘figuring’ out how to run without tripping and Binbin was still wrapped in the Sling across my shoulders.

I couldn’t get him to put down Allan’s phone because he was pretending to take a photo of me, while I take a photo of them…*laugh*


Then off we went to my in-law’s house to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. The moment I stepped in, my little girl, ZY (eldest SIL’s daughter), told me something that completely spoilt my mood. This itself is going to be the post for tomorrow. Too much thoughts and emotions to talk about.

So here are the pictures…it was a sumptous dinner first, then they used my eldest BIL’s rack (which was meant for greeting cards) to hang the lanterns; then my 2nd BIL and MIL lighting up the candles so that the kids can play on their ‘teck teck kum’ – sticks that sparkles upon touching fire…

You realise there are several kids missing in the photos? It was a tantrum day for the 3 kids who stay in that household…So only my eldest niece, CH, and my 2 boys were having fun.

We also celebrated the September birthday babies – my MIL, eldest BIL and ME!!! Though the cake just stated ‘for’ my BIL, everyone knew it was a cake to be shared by 3 of us…*wink*

Before we left, my MIL gave me a red packet – haven’t check how much $$$ is inside and my FAVOURITE mooncake of all time – the normal crusted DOUBLE EGG YOLK mooncake.

My MIL said she bought it just for me, ‘cos no one in the family eat such ‘high cholesterol’ stuff. *laugh*


But way before this day, we already had an early mini-celebration at home. My sister treated us to the expensive Four Seasons Hotel Durian mooncake. This was her Plan B. She wanted to buy the Famous GoodWood Park Hotel Durian mooncake, but was already sold out.

The snow skin was superb and the durian fillings inside was simply tasty – to the adults. Keatkeat took a few bites and Binbin wasn’t even interested in getting his lips to touch that small piece of mooncake. *laugh*

So that was how we spent our Mid-Autumn Festival this year, I think its alot more fun than previous years…how was yours?