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teethIts been a really long time since I last had a poll appearing on this blog. So there is one today. *wink*

The ‘adult teeth’ are almost as tall as his milk teeth now. We have waited for weeks and the milk teeth still refused to drop by themselves.

Keatkeat’s loving grandmother thinks that we should NOT wait any longer and visit the Dentist as soon as possible.

**Updated at 10.08pm. After reading first few comments, I realised I forgot to say something VERY IMPORTANT. We took Keatkeat to his school dentist and She REFUSED to do it for him. She said: “Wait for them to drop out on their own.”

What say you?

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Updated on 10th March: Went to a private dental clinic and the dentist said the same thing as the school dentist. Let it fall out naturally. No extraction needed.

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Last Day Being 5

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Backdated Post.
The Following Happened on 1 November 2009.

1Keatkeat’s 5th year was a year of achievements. My slower-than-most-of-his-peers boy finally can do what he should have accomplish when he was 4 or even 3.

Not much frustration on my part because I Understand and Accept my boy’s development speed. My frowning comes from the constant nagging from my hubby about how less independent Keatkeat is compared to his peers and even his younger brother, Binbin. *eyes rolled*

Next year, when Keatkeat goes to Primary One, not being in the same school as Binbin, their Chinese Teacher would also stop comparing how Binbin is significantly better than his elder brother.

And finally, I no longer hear this remark from Strangers, “Are they Twins? (I shook my head with a smile) Then this must be GorGor (the Stranger points to Binbin! Instead of Keatkeat.).

They are 1.8 years apart, but Binbin’s  motor skills is much better. When Binbin can catch a ‘flying’ ball, Keatkeat still could not till about a year later.

Seriously, I do NOT see this as a flaw that Keatkeat is ‘less capable’ than his younger brother. I see this as a BIG BONUS, because I can train BOTH at the same time! *wink* With this, I do NOT hear complains from the boys saying, “Mommy, not fair! Why he can learn to do this and I can’t.”

So here’s Keatkeat’s accomplishment during his 5th year:-

November 2008: Bathe and Dress Himself PROPERLY

December 2008: Brush His Own Teeth PROPERLY

January 2009: Eat Spicy Food

February 2009: Colour Without having White Patches and Within the Given Area (When he is in a good mood)

March 2009: Able to Read Most common Words

April 2009: Able to Use  Scissors to Cut along the line, even if its a curved line.

May 2009: Pour Water and Find Food to quench his thirst and satisfy his hunger/craving on his OWN.

June 2009: Initiates to Wear Briefs

July 2009: Handles Money, in terms of knowing how much to give and how much change he should get back, if he had given more.

August 2009: Helps in the preparation of Meals and what he prepares, he eats and fast too! So those 3 BIG POSTS about his bad eating habits are but History now.


September 2009: Use Chopsticks


October 2009: Wash his own bowl after a meal for the first time

But there is something that Keatkeat is way superior compared to his dad and mom when they were his age. Of cos’ also exceeded his younger brother’s capability. >>>> He is a Mathematician! (I wonder if he inherited the genes from my dad)

We noticed he is good with numbers when he was 3. I wonder if its due to helping me at my stall 3 years back before I became a SAHM.

His ability to understand the logic and the versatility that calculations offer has increased tremendously during this 5th year. Its really impressive!

On this last day of being 5, he prepared his goodies bag;


had a birthday celebration with his grandparents, cousins and their parents;

unwrapped his presents from them;and had a great time playing sparkles before we left my in-law’s place on Sunday 1 November 2009.

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