Case Closed

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The Damaged…on the right lower arm…

The Victim…

The Weapon… disguised in its nice wrapping….

The Accomplice…

The Guilty One….holding The Weapon in its ‘true colours‘.

The Punishment? NONE!

Victim said: “I REALLY (with extra facial expressions)want to punish him, but I choose not to. Because I don’t want him to cry….”

*event happened on Thursday night*

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The smiles…and the tears…

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On Thursday, Keatkeat was in a very good mood. After school ended around 12noon, he played happily with his hot-tempered brother for the entire afternoon without actually getting into a fight…

Keatkeat didn’t want to take his usual afternoon nap at 3pm but fell asleep on his own at 5pm+ when I was telling a story to them while they lie on their mattress…either my story was damn boring (*laugh*) or he had over-stretched his limits of staying awake.

After sunset, I tried to wake him up, he refused. He didn’t even whine. He looked as if he was hammered on the head and was completely knocked out. Being the go-with-the-flow kind of Mommy, I left him alone after trying to wake him up at intervals of half hour till it was 9pm! Yes, I didn’t bother to wake him up even though I knew he hasn’t had dinner and he should…

At 11pm+, in a drowsy tone, he called out, “Mommy, I want milk milk…” Without second thoughts, I gave him the milk he requested. He gulped down that 250ml of white liquid in super fast speed and concussed again!

The next morning, Friday, he woke up on his own at 7am for school! ON HIS OWN!!!!

Every Friday, it is Allan’s duty to wake him up for school. Though it may sound as if we fail our maths, we think it is FAIR that I wake up extra early from Monday-Thursday to bring my 4year old to school and take a break on Friday.

Allan was more than surprised to see Keatkeat walked out of the bedroom to greet him in the kitchen when he was preparing his snack for school!

With 14HOURS OF SLEEP Keatkeat was an ANGEL the entire Yesterday! He had huge appetite for lunch and dinner and was smiling throughout. Giving in to his brother like he had never done before. Helping us (parents) in small ways like taking our slippers for us when we were preparing to go out for dinner. Even for his usual ‘home-study period’, he did all the worksheets (I gave) perfectly well without me saying, “Can you pay ATTENTION please?!”… he was just so abnormally-good!

But today was very different from yesterday…

Other than his usual unpredictable self, he finally felt what is the real sense of loss.

My boys love to play in the bedroom more than their play corner. They like to roll the cars on the bed and would form tunnels and high cliffs using the bolsters and pillows. They somersaulted their hot-wheels cars in the air as the 4-wheeled metals fly off the cliffs.

I’ve told them many times that it is DANGEROUS to play near the window (my bed is pushed against the wall, just next to the window). Dangerous for their cars, NOT THEM.

Told them countless of times that there might be a possibility that their hot wheels will just fly out of the window and crashed to the ground. The level I’m at is 2-digit, so crashing to the ground could be THE-END of the ‘life’ of that car.

Kids or even Teenagers are usually in the Seeing-IS-Believing category. Nothing you say will REALLY register in their little heads till THE BIG ‘IT’ eventually happened.

Lo and Behold, after several months of ignoring their Mommy’s warning, IT happened today.

When I was reading my newly purchased book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Keatkeat ran out of the bedroom, braked in front of me, clutching his hands with head slightly tilted-down, spoke in the softest voice ever, “Mommy, my blue car fall out of the window accidental…ly *WAILED*

He was sobbing away and I was going, “See?! Didn’t I tell you that THIS would happened? ” He nodded unwillingly, he still have that pride in him that goes, “Damn! Mommy is RIGHT again!” Kids being kids…understandable… I was like that too, wasn’t you?

“I just hop it didn’t fall onto anyone’s head…did you hear screams after the car fell out of the window?” I continued.

So we went down with a heavy heart, Keatkeat was prepared to see his favourite blue hot-wheels car in pieces, but IT was in perfect condition! Though it lay wrong side up, it was completely ‘healthy’! I was amazed! To fall from that height and still be in one piece, it was almost unbelievable!

Keatkeat was almost in tears when he picked it up – tears of JOY!

(I’m really impressed with the workmanship of hot-wheels cars, REALLY IMPRESSED! Kudos!)

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