When Your Child gets Hurt


It was yet another Sunday gathering at my in-law’s place.
Kitkit hurt himself while playing at the playground today.
I was not there when it happened.

The moment he came back to the house, he walked towards me with his bleeding knee and my first response was “OMG!
Without any delay I grabbed his left wrist and walked towards the toilet.
Put down the toilet bowl seat cover and said: “Sit.
Then I turned on the shower head and let the water rinse his wound.

I did not ask what happened.
To me, KIDS DO FALL DOWN at play!………its common!
On lucky days, its just a scratch.
On less-lucky days, this is what the kid will get :

[Photo was taken 4 hours after the fall]

IT IS NORMAL that kids get hurt throughout their growing years!!!!
So I do NOT believe in asking: “Why?” “What Happened?” when a child is hurt during playtime.

So will I ever ask “What Happened?” when I see my child gets hurt?
Of Cos!
When he comes out of school with a bruise or a wound, I would ask “What Happened?”
Because I need to know if it was a slippery floor in the toilet that caused this?
Or was it some form of bullying element involved?
In simpler terms, I WOULD ask “Why? What Happened?” when I am unsure of who he was with.

But in this case, I knew he was with his cousins.
So asking “Why? What Happened?” is just NOT my reaction.

Getting hurt physically during play is NOTHING UNUSUAL!
No point asking Why.
Well, that’s me.
Totally NOT interested in knowing if he was being pushed or if he fell because of his own clumsiness.

He was with his cousins, who grew up with him and love him.
Even if he was being pushed, it would be accidental.
I see NO REASON to find out who’s the culprit and start putting the blame on another kid and make that kid feel awful?
That’s NOT ME.
Its NORMAL for kids to push around when they are playing.

Now, let’s say he fell because of his own clumsiness.
So what?
Scold him for his clumsiness?
Or take this opportunity to remind him to be more careful next time?
With a wound like this which comes with a pain that I could only imagine, its good enough to remind him.
No advise from another person is needed.
Anyway, when one is clumsy, getting hurt is part of the package.

So I kept quiet while I washed his wound and he kept hissing like a snake.

Once that was done, he agreed that he should have a bath first before medication is applied.
Minutes later, a limping 9 year old walked out of the bathroom.
His grandma, with heartache written all over her face, took out a mini-round-container of medicated cream for her beloved first grandson.
Kitkit started to get nervous.
“Chat with me lah, Kit! Then it will distract you away from the pain.” I suggested.
“Errr….I think playing games can help better.” he replied and took up my mobile phone (nearby) and started playing ‘Subway Surfers’ and ‘Fun Run’.

Seeing that Kitkit’s emotions settled down, Allan started applying the medicated cream on his wound and later bandaged it using the ‘Yellow Smiley Face’ bandage he received this morning. [Read post here]

Through this event, I noticed that Kitkit has truly grown.
He no longer cries nor make a big hoo-ha out of a molehill.
And actually, this is one of his more serious would and he could take it like a man.
Good for him!
*clap clap clap*

5.5cm wound……I wouldn’t call that small.


After we had left my in-law’s place, almost 3 hours from the fall, Kitkit asked: “Mummy, do you want to know how I fell?”
“Ok.” I said with a smile.
He reenacted the incident very well.
Allan asked: “So Kitkit, do you think you fell because of your own clumsiness?”
Kitkit: “Yes.”
Felt so proud of him when he said that.
Taking the blame himself and not blaming someone else which he often does.
*Thumbs UP*

We started the day with blood and ended the day with blood too.
I cannot resist but to say its a BLOODY SUNDAY for us.
[Read what happened this morning ‘First Blood Donation‘]


When Your Child gets Hurt

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Paid over $100 just to shit?!?!


No joke!

That was what happened today.

Kitkit complained about abdominal pain since yesterday and had yellow poo right after dinner.

This morning, after breakfast, he rushed to the toilet again and came out feeling worse than before, so Allan brought Binbin to school, while his elder brother stayed at home.

After a nap, we brought Kitkit to a nearby clinic, which was unusually crowded today. The staff told me that we had to wait for at least 1.5hours before the doctor can attend to us. As we were not willing to wait, we went back to the clinic, which Kitkit visit often when we were still staying in our old house.

The doctor checked on my 9 year old and said it might be Appendicitis. Wow! Really?!

I doubted, as my boy looked too WELL to have Appendicitis; but I just had to trust and follow the doctor’s instructions. Such thing……better to be safe than sorry.

He continued to explain that his pain was one sided, bottom right and he had diarrhea plus slight fever, so it was best that he go to the hospital to do a thorough check.


Allan sent us home to get the birth certificate plus give me some time to shower, just in case Kitkit really need to be hospitalised. After we had alighted, he made another trip to the school to bring Binbin home, so that he could go to the hospital with us; thus Allan does not need to rush back again to fetch him after school. Therefore, the little one left school an hour earlier today.

We went to KK Hospital, the only hospital which has his medical record since birth.

It was the first time we were being attended to in less than 10mins in A&E. Awesome! *clap clap clap* Probably because it was a weekday afternoon, non-peak period for this department, unlike during midnight.

The hospital doctor said she needed Kitkit to clear all his bowels before she can make any conclusion, but from the preliminary checks she made, she was pretty certain that the possibility of Appendicitis is zero.

The medication had to be pumped in from below, let it flow towards the tummy and create some rock and roll inside. Kitkit was very nervous to show his smooth butt to a stranger, aka the nurse, who was all ready to pump. He squeezed his bums so tightly that she was not even able to see beyond the ‘cleavage‘! *laugh*

Kitkit was also very worried; as he was required to hold the liquid medicine inside for at least 10mins, to give the medication sufficient time to flow through the intestines, give it a good stir before he was allowed to let anything out. The super friendly nurse told my child that sometimes it might need to take up to 15mins before any rumbling or tumbling can be felt in the tummy.

If he were unable to hold well, he would end up letting out the medication instead of the stool, which would then mean a need to go for a second pump, not something that he wants….. obviously!

But my boy did so well!!!!
*Gigantic Clap clap clap*

We went to check out the toilet, imagined the path he would be racing through, making sure that there were no obstacles along the way, etc. We were just short of rehearsing the toilet-bowl-dash! *laugh*

We sat and watch ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ while we waited for some reaction.
Miraculously, 10mins (EXACTLY) later, Kitkit yelled: “Can I go to the toilet now?”

Me: “But are you…” (I could not even finish my sentence)
Kitkit: “I CAN’T HOLD ANYMOREeeeeeeee!”

So I stood outside the vacant boy’s toilet and waited. Checking on him occasionally and kept reminding him that the doctor said he MUST be sure that there were no ‘leftovers‘ in his tummy before he leaves the toilet bowl.

15mins later….

“It was TEeeRrriBLE!!! It was like diarrhea man! ALOT!” With a slightly pale face, he muttered his first few sentences after he opened the cubicle door.

Went back to the doctor and she asked: “Anymore pain?”
Kitkit: “No.”
She pressed his tummy once more to confirm and we were sent home with a 2-days medical exemption, 2 bottles of paracetamol for pain, another bottle of medication to soften his stools and a list of food for my boy. A more fibrous diet was what he needs to prevent this from happening again.


Apparently, though he passes motion everyday, it was not well cleared. Thus, as days go by, more are being accumulated, which eventually putting too much strain on the intestines and causing cramps. The initial signs would be the feeling of bloated-ness, lost of appetite and farting, which happened last week.

With a bill like this (below), plus parking charges and petrol cost, we paid over $100 just for my boy to fill the toilet bowl with shit. A pool of Gold indeed! *eyes rolled*



But the story did not end with that, just 2 mins before we reached home, Kitkit said that his tummy was acting up again! Oh man!

And sometimes life just like to play tricks on human….

When he was prancing up and down at the lift lobby, the lift was at the top floor, taking its own sweet time to come down to the ground floor.

To make the trick more exciting, an old uncle joined us in the lift and pressed a level different from ours and its lower than ours. Now Kitkit was literally dancing in the lift after uncle stepped out.

I raced to the door, opened it in seconds….but it was too late…

Well, whenever things go wrong, I always tell myself to think of the positive side……
And SOoooo…. the good that I saw from this was, we were at least home and all that was lost was just a pair of underwear.

*forced smile*



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