Got “C” got “Mountain”


Kitkit was in the study room.
Allan, Binbin and I were in the Master Bedroom.

Kitkit: “Papa, what is the Chinese idiom that got “C” got “Mountain”.
That was what Kitkit said.

But I heard was ~ “What got “C” and got “Mountain”?
Me (cheekily looking at Allan): “CAMERON HIGHLANDS!”

But Allan heard it differently.
Allan: “Got “Sea” and got “Mountain” ah?
Ooohhhh…only then I realised my mistake.

Kitkit: “Ya! The Chinese idiom got “Sea” got “Mountain”. What is it?”

Kitkit: “Means there’s alot of people. What is it?”
Allan: “Oh! ‘Ren Shan Ren Hai’!” (direct translation would be ‘Human Mountain Human Sea’. *laugh*)

Both Allan and I exchanged a teeny weeny laugh at ourselves….
Allan: “Wah… its like riddle-guessing. Mmm…in this way our Chinese can improve too…”

FINALLY! Kitkit is WILLING to use Chinese idiom VOLUNTARILY for his Chinese composition.
*Thumbs Up*

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Protecting his back with IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag


“How time flies!” The favourite phrase of so many parents and probably its a sign of old age too. *laugh* Oh well, my dear Binbin is going to be a Primary 3 kid next year and with an additional subject : Science, I am worried about the weight he has to carry on his back in 2014.

He had always been having good posture and I do not want that to be compensated because of extra books in his school bag next year. Remembering Kitkit’s hunched body changed immediately after he carried the IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag [read post here], I know that it would be the choice for Binbin too. *smile*

We went to their branch at Causeway Point on Monday, 25th November 2013. We thought, since we would be going to Johor Bahru that day, Causeway Point would be ideal for us, shop for the bag and then head off to Johor Bahru. Otherwise, I would have preferred to go to their showroom at Marina Square and Centrepoint.



Binbin wanted to get his very first trolley school bag from IMPACT earlier. However, after trying both the trolley school bag and the usual carry-on-the-back type of school bag, Binbin preferred the latter. Actually, I was very pleased with his sudden change of mind because the back-support features are better for the latter.



The contours on the back of the IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag differs according to the age and height of the kid. The bulging parts at the back of the IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag supports different parts of the back of the child. Thus giving better support for the child’s spine when the heavy bag is weighing down on him. This customised feature really appeals to me. Then again, I am not the one carrying it. So I had to make sure that Binbin feels comfortable with it.

The helpful staff put a really thick and heavy book (but definitely lighter than the weight of his bag next year) into the bag, so that Binbin can have a better ‘feel‘ of what it would be like when the bag is ‘loaded‘. Carrying an empty bag is always different from carrying one that has content in it. My boy said: “Ok ah! Comfortable.”


He is also happy with the different compartments inside IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag. At that very moment, my analytical boy told me that he already know where to put his pencil case, where to put his exercise books, etc etc…! *laugh* So he is truly in love with the bag now!


Oh well, when my boy is happy, I am happy. Though our focus may be very different. For him, design and colour are top piorities. For me, its about comfort and practicality. With that said, I was glad that it was indeed a fruitful trip for us because both his and my concerns were dealt with. *thumbs up*


Binbin has a tall water bottle and he was so happy when he saw the Mesh Pocket on Both Sides of the IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag. The Mesh Pockets were deep enough to secure his tall water bottle well, so as to prevent it from tipping over.

Since there are TWO Mesh Pockets, he had decided to use one for his water bottle and the other for his umbrella. The ‘holes‘ in the Mesh Pocket helps to ‘air‘ the umbrella when its wet. By putting his wet umbrella or rain coat away from the books compartment, it prevents his books from getting wet because IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag uses Water Resistant Materials. *Thumbs Up*


When Kitkit had his first IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag, the 3M reflective material on the bag was the first thing that caught my eye. It is indeed an excellent feature for the safety of my boy, especially when he crosses the road during heavy downpour. With this 3M reflective material, he becomes more visible to the motorists.


The Stress Free Straps of the IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag is truly a wonderful feature.  This thick stretchable black coloured bungy bend (picture above) creates a “spring like” effect when my boy carries the bag. This “spring like” effect has the ability to help reduce the direct load stress, thus putting less pressure on my son’s spine. School kids nowadays definitely carry way too many books to school as compared to my school days.




Oh! Before I forget, IMPACT Ergonomic Bags come with a limited warranty for your after sales support and repair too!

The thoughtful company understands that your child will not use the school bag until school reopens in the following year. Therefore, even if you had purchased the bag in December 2013, the good staff of IMPACT will stamp “2nd January 2014″ on your warranty card.

Actually, when Kitkit had his first IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag, it was so long lasting that other than some dirt and stain on the bag, it was still in very good condition after 2 years! *Super thumbs up*

impact warranty card (new)


Saw this tag (below) hanging on the bag, so I thought might as well post it here too. If you are those type of parents who need to read up on the features and small prints before doing any purchase, then the information below should be able to put a smile on your face.  *wink*


Alright, there goes my happy 8 year old with his new IMPACT Ergonomic School Bag!



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