Kitkit was in the study room.
Allan, Binbin and I were in the Master Bedroom.

Kitkit: “Papa, what is the Chinese idiom that got “C” got “Mountain”.
That was what Kitkit said.

But I heard was ~ “What got “C” and got “Mountain”?
Me (cheekily looking at Allan): “CAMERON HIGHLANDS!”

But Allan heard it differently.
Allan: “Got “Sea” and got “Mountain” ah?
Ooohhhh…only then I realised my mistake.

Kitkit: “Ya! The Chinese idiom got “Sea” got “Mountain”. What is it?”

Kitkit: “Means there’s alot of people. What is it?”
Allan: “Oh! ‘Ren Shan Ren Hai’!” (direct translation would be ‘Human Mountain Human Sea’. *laugh*)

Both Allan and I exchanged a teeny weeny laugh at ourselves….
Allan: “Wah… its like riddle-guessing. Mmm…in this way our Chinese can improve too…”

FINALLY! Kitkit is WILLING to use Chinese idiom VOLUNTARILY for his Chinese composition.
*Thumbs Up*