Mega Birthday Celebration

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Backdated post : 29th -30th March

8 years ago, I was afraid that my 2nd child would have the same birthday as my niece. Birthdays are special dates. Of ‘cos I understand that there are thousands, even millions out there who will share the same birth date as my child or children. But they are strangers or friends….not family members or relative.

Well, maybe its just me, I wanted my children to NOT share their birthdays with anyone else in the family. I want to have a day that belongs to them within the family/relative scope.

On 29th March 2005, mild contractions hit me and I was nervous.

Praying that my 2nd baby would hang in there just for a few more hours, let the clock past 12midnight….please…

My boy sure hung tight!!!

One day after his cousin’s. They are not of the same year of ‘cos. I’m referring to the date; my niece was born on 29th March and my dear Binbin popped out on 30th.

 29 March 2013 : 2nd Niece’s Birthday!

This is the first time, the two decided to have a Mega Birthday Celebration at Chalet: Coasta Sands Resort. I called it ‘Mega‘ because both families spent more than $1000 to make this 3 days 2 nights birthday celebration a success. The birthday kids’ parents rented one unit each, which were joined with a connecting door.



To make this birthday celebration sweeter, it was a long weekend break for the adults and the kids.
No school nor work on Friday, 29th March 2013, because its Good Friday.

Yeah! *clap clap clap*

So the 14 of us arrived there in the afternoon.
While the other 5 kids soaked in the pool, I was with my 2nd niece pumping balloons.
She used her own money to buy all these decorations and prizes for the games which she had planned.


Shortly after the 5 kids had cooled down from their swim, everyone was getting warmed up for BBQ time!


We had BBQ for both nights.

As my boys already learned how to start the fire for the BBQ pit last year during Binbin’s birthday, read “Binbin’s Chalet Birthday Celebration“, this round is revision time. Allan gave the kids a ‘refreshment lesson’ just in case they have forgotten all that were taught a year ago.


Kitkit managed to get the lighter fired-up in less than 3 tries. *thumbs up*
But Binbin continued to struggle…
So Kitkit was the ‘fire-starter’ while Binbin helped out with the charcoal placing.
Both were eager for the big challenge TOMORROW: One BBQ pit to each!


Watch them in action in the video below:

Thus today, 29th March, it was kids against the adults in getting the fire going for the BBQ pit.




Boys took a break to check out on their ‘competitor’ ~ their BakBak



With 6 active kids around, its so easy to let time slip by.
It was already past 9pm when my MIL shouted: “Still don’t cut cake ah?!”

29mar-1kAs the old lady and her hubby will not be staying overnight with my eldest niece’s family in the chalet, they were just waiting for the cake-cutting and present-unwrapping moment so that they can go home. *Ooops!*

Only the 2 birthday kiddos’ family members stayed for 2 nights at the chalet: 5 kids 4 adults.

Her choice this year was Oreo Chocolate cake.

Once again, we asked for a birthday wishlist from the birthday girl, that list truly made our present hunting experience so much easier!

Allan drew Z.Y. and himself on the wrapper. I think its a pretty nice drawing of my 2nd niece. Sweet looking.


We got everything from SMIGGLE for her.
Well, that was what she wanted. *wink*


While the birthday girl do the unwrapping, my cheeky Kitkit did the wrapping! He WRAPPED his head with the torn wrapping paper and started circling the two chalet units through the connecting-door like a bandit! *laugh*

29mar-1n 29mar-1o

The kids had fun with Allan and I till around 2am plus before they head for their pillows…..



 30 March 2014 : Binbin’s Birthday!

Allan bought McDonald’s for the kids’ breakfast. A rare treat for my nieces and nephew, who hardly got chance to go to fast food restaurant.

Then with the free bowling vouchers given by Coasta Sands Resort, we went BOWLING!!!!

The last time my 2nd niece had her hand on the bowling ball was also with us at this exact same place in 2008!!!! Go check out their CUTIE FACES in this post “Mini Bowling For Kids“. And back then, my boys and my 2nd niece were too young for the ‘adults’ lane.

So this is the FIRST TIME they are ON the normal lane. Aaawww… time flies!

As we had booked two chalet units, we were given 2 bowling games for free! Yeah! One for the kids and one for the adults! To my surprise, it was my SIL’s first time bowling!

To make it memoriable for my SIL, I took this photo of her and the kids (+1 other bigger kid).


BIL went to the mini-bowling alley with W.D., so we waited for him to return before the adults had our share of fun. W.D.’s daddy cheered him on when W.D. was throwing the ball down the lane, this time, its his turn to cheer his daddy on!


The 7 of us had lots of fun!!!
See slideshow below:


After that, the kids, except Z.Y., followed my BIL and SIL back to the chalet.

Allan, Z.Y. and I went to collect Binbin’s birthday cake.

I took this opportunity to fulfill another 2 wishes of Z.Y.
The sweet girl told me many months ago that she had been hoping to try drinks from Starbucks and have a taste of Sushi, but NONE of the adults whom she is staying with was willing to fulfill those tiny wishes of hers.

So, I, her ShenShen, did just the opposite : Gave her the Starbucks and Sushi experience!


Wishes came true……Birthdays are supposed to be this way, isn’t?!

I did not manage to take a photo of her slurping the Starbucks Chocolate Chip Crème Frappuccino®, because we were in such a rush to jump back into the car as Allan was waiting for us in it.

I thought I could be able to take a shot of her and her cuppa after we alighted at the chalet carpark, but she was so afraid that her family members, especially her granny, would scold her.

So before I could shout “STOP!” She finished her last sip of the drink and threw it into the dustbin the moment she hopped out of the car.



With yesterday’s revision session, my boys were geared up for today’s challenge : Starting fire for BBQ on their own, One pit each to themselves.

And the did SOOOOOO WELL!!!!

30dec-2Alright, this year, Binbin chose Mango Cake and like always, most of the other kids were not interested in even taking a bite at all. They only eat Chocolate Cake!

However, its the birthday boy’s wish to have this flavour instead.

Hhhmmm…..So long as birthday boy is happy, I am happy even though the cake was not well-liked by the other kiddos.

Binbin’s birthday wish list this year were leaning towards ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY : Xbox! *faint*




Present from 2nd BIL & SIL



Present from Yi-Zhang and Ah Yi.



Present from 1st BIL and SIL

The presents below were from Z.Y., M.Y. and W.D.



With that, ended our 3 days 2 nights of birthday celebrations for my niece and my younger son.

Happy Birthday Z.Y. and Binbin!!!






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First Vietnam Trip ~ Day 1/5 : Part 2/3

Places Kids Love, Videos

Since this is a customised trip for my family, Allan and I had made special request to let Kitkit and Binbin experience as many different transportation as possible.

In the end, in the span of 5 days, Binbin had a taste of sitting on 15 different vehicles and Kitkit had 16!!!!! This number is NOT inclusive of the Jetstar airplane which they took in yesterday’s post. They were totally thrilled!

Today they experienced 6. Will be sharing 4 in this post and another 2 in the next. You will find out why Kitkit get to sit on an additional vehicle in the last post of this whole series of blogposts on our first Vietnam trip.

We arrived at Mekong Delta after Mr W. drove us in his 7 seater car for about an hour.

I love something which very few people know. I love hats!
Not caps.
But hats!

Its pretty weird to wear big hats in Singapore, but not in Vietnam.
When I saw the number of hats sold at the jetty, I was so happy and I got myself one and wore it on the spot! *smile*

vn1k vn1l vn1m vn1n

This motor boat lets us cruise across the river as another tour guide, who is specialised in introducing Mekong Delta, go through the history of this place.

Though the sun was glaring, the breeze on our faces cooled us down quickly. The kids were looking out for river life, but they saw none.

Kitkit told the Mekong Delta tour guide that the Mekong River is very long and dirty, from what he learned in school. But the tour guide corrected him by saying its muddy, not dirty. ‘cos if its dirty, it would be smelly. And its true, there was no foul smell.


vn1o vn1p vn2

When alighted at the coconut factory where we get to see the process of how EVERY PART of the coconut is not wasted. Each has its own purpose. See the process of making the coconut candy in the slide show below :



The boys had a go in stiring the smooth but thick coconut mixture and everyone had a taste of the end result. There were so many different flavours to choose from.




After doing a little shopping here, we walked past a lady selling ‘Rice Paper’. I hope I did not hear the name wrongly. But my oh my! It tasted great! Kitkit could NOT STOP helping himself to the samples. He just kept eating NON STOP!!!!

A packet for less than S$0.60, I see no reason why I should not buy for him. He was munching away even when we were in our hotel room.

The process looks so simple, yet, it takes lots of practise and skill, as the ‘Rice Paper’ is incredibly thin!

Watch her at work in the step by step slides below:


We continued our journey by foot and walked across a wooden bridge over a smaller river.


 photo vnWTHC-3_zps9e70e1a9.jpg

Kitkit was so funny when he saw people on a small boat by the river, he yelled: “Are they bathing in it?!”
He was HOPING to see some naked people!
‘cos that was what he learned in school : People bathe in Mekong River.

 photo vnWTHC-2_zps6e82e761.jpg

Kids were delighted to see REAL hammocks for the very first time. “Ooohhh…so cool!” they exclaimed. Seeing people lying and sitting on them, they wanted to try it themselves.

 photo vnWTHC-4_zps95a7ef96.jpg

The stall owner was more than happy to let the kids try, but Allan and I know that we have no intention of buying any. So just try for fun and give the stall owner a false hope is not something that we like others to do to us when we were in our retail business.

So we said “No.” to the kids and said “Thanks. But no thanks.” to the nice lady boss.

 photo vnWTHC-6_zpsfd20bf37.jpg

We tread further and they kids were so excited to see HORSE CARTS! Like natural models, they each struck a pose on different horse carts.



“Come Here! Yours is here!” Our tour guide shouted to my boys who were begging to climb onto the horse cart infront of them.

“Really!!! We going to sit on one?! Yeah!!!” they could not believe their ears and needed confirmation from us.

They ran off to the awaiting horse cart in a flash!
Before I know it, Binbin was ALREADY ON IT and Kitkit was just one step away from stepping onto it!!!

They went “Aaahhhh…” When the horse suddenly took off!
Horse Power Indeed!
I think I shouted “Aaahhh….” too!
It was so strong!
All of us were jerked towards the opposite direction where the horse was heading. If Allan had sat just a few inches further back to the rear, he might have fallen over.
So if you are going to try this, try to sit as near to the horse as possible and HANG ON TIGHT, ‘cos the road is not smooth.

But hey! That’s the fun of it!!!
Catch Kitkit saying “I wish I could take this forever.” in the VIDEO BELOW:

My kids were hoping to ride it a second time after we alighted, but nah, not this time….

The four-legged charming animal brought us to the Bees and the Python!

 photo vnBSFS-1_zpse3703877.jpg

The staff there took off the roof and did something which I did not expect her to do with BARE HANDS!!!

 photo vnBSFS-2_zpsedcd8cdc.jpg

She took out a tray full of bees from the bee house, simply because she wanted us to taste the honey right from the beehive! 100% FRESH!

Allan was the most daring of us all.
I remembered Kitkit said: “Wahhhh…Papa you dare ah?!”


In order NOT to provoke the bees, the Mekong Delta tour guide held Allan’s hand and C.A.R.E.F.U.L.L.Y poke his index finger onto the sparkling golden honey.

It was intense!
The bee-lady kept talking (in Vietnamese) and in a very nerve-racking tone.
I have no idea what she said to the Mekong Delta tour guide, but through her tone of speech, it definitely felt like she was saying:“Here…touch here…NO!!!! NOT THERE!!! A little more to the left! …Yes……ok…finger down…NO!!! STOP!!! DON’T TOUCH THE BEES!…Wait..wait for the bees to move off first…ok…ready? Now!”


Her tone really sounded as if she said all of that!

And you know what?
With the help of the Mekong Delta tour guide, Allan had two attempts.
When he just managed to get his second honey dip, one of the bees stung the bee lady.

Allan and I felt so bad.
It was obviously painful.
But she could not drop the whole tray of bees just like that.
She CONTROLLED herself from jerking too much, slowly walked towards the ‘bee house’, slot in the tray of bees before she could attend to herself.
With face slightly frowned, she plucked out the stinger from her arm.

Terribly sorry, Bee-Lady!


Without any of us asking, the Mekong Delta tour guide opened the snake gate beside the blue bee house and lifted the big snake out of its cage!
*eyes widened*

You know how much we, Singaporeans, are used to paying for practically everything right? Even when we go to the zoo, we need to pay a fee in order to take a photograph with the snakes or animals up close, yes?

But here, its FREE for all!

Binbin was the bravest!
He went first.
We were not quick enough to react, so he was not in the video below, only the photo, whereas the rest of us appeared in both video and photo.

Kitkit was reluctant in the beginning and was the first to exclaimed: “HUH?!? Put on the neck?!”

After the video was taken, Binbin whispered into my ears, “Mummy, the python very dirty minded. Its tail go to your ‘down there’ leh!”

*huge laugh*


 photo vnBSFS-5_zps5d2d5cd9.jpg


Everyone had too much excitement in that short 15mins or so. We certainly need to get our heartbeat back to normal. So the prearranged refreshment cum a short singing performance was very much welcomed!

 photo vnBSFS-9a_zps5c5c00f8.jpg

 photo vnBSFS-9b_zps09a4928e.jpg photo vnBSFS-9c_zps6f00b187.jpg

Kitkit and Binbin felt really good, when each had a chance to give tips to the performers.

It was about time for lunch, but we were too far off the ‘big river’ where the big boat was waiting.
In order to get to the big one, we had to go by the small one first.

As we approached the rowing boat, Kitkit kept asking: “Can I row? Can I row the boat please?”
Our tour guide just kept shaking her head.

One by one, we went onto it.
We cannot step any part of the boat we want when we enter it.
We had to follow instructions closely so as not to capsize the wooden transportation, and capsizing it IS the LAST thing we want!




Both boys found the scene very similar to our trip to Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin last year, and they started spotting Mud Skippers and Pencil Roots.

It was good that they kept very still on the boat. Watch them here :

In less than 2mins, we saw our big boat again.
Hopped onto it and bid farewell to the rowing boat….

 photo VNrb-5_zps41f6667d.jpg

Lunch Time!!!
We had it at Hao Ai Restaurant.

Instead of eating at the main hall, we had a hut to ourselves. Cool!


Its great that Allan’s friend had all meals planned for us, so we need not have to worry about what to order.
He was so nice that he even gave us a copy of what we would be eating, for the 5 days in Vietnam, many DAYS BEFORE we took our flight, just in case we did not like anything on the menu.

We had Deep Fried ‘elephant ear’ fish which has a special way of eating, see video below:

The rest of the food included:

  • Grilled shrimp with honey
  • Spring rolls
  • Fried Tofu
  • Chicken fried with onion and ginger
  • Lotus seed steam rice
  • Mushroom hot pot
  • Fruits

Was there anything that we did not like?!
We loved every dish!
But maybe its the hot weather, OR maybe its lunchtime, which we seldom eat much during lunch, OR maybe we were feeling a little tired, OR maybe simply because the quantity was too much for two adults and two kids!
We could NOT finish everything that was on the table.
What a waste!

They were really yummy!
But our tummies were really on the verge of exploding too!
There was no way we could stuff more into our mouth…


Binbin also get a ‘KISS ON THE HEAD’ by a buffalo when we were at the restaurant!!!
Nah… Allan was playing with the angle of the shot.



After a heartfelt meal, we went back to the big boat and headed back to the jetty with a little surprise treat on board…


What’s the treat? Shall keep you in suspense for a while, as this post is getting way too long!!!
*pant pant pant*

Stay tune for the next post, NEXT WEEK, as we will be out celebrating my niece and Binbin’s birthday TOGETHER over the long weekend…..

Have an awesome weekend everyone! Happy Good Friday and Easter Sunday!



First Vietnam Trip

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