My dad used to say this to me when I was young and now I say it to my kids too.
“If you are able to do a task on your own, do it and not depend on others.”

Kitkit wanted to wear a particular pair of shorts.
But it was still hanging on the bamboo.
There were many other shorts available, but he insisted on wearing that particular pair.

I was on the phone and I showed him my palm, telling him to wait for me to end the call first.
When I was off the line, I was pleasantly surprised to see Kitkit helping to keep the other clothes too, even though he had successfully brought down his own pair of shorts.

Well, he could have just take down his pair of shorts and leave the rest of the clothes on the bamboo.
But he did not.

1st Surprise – He chose to bring down his shorts from the bamboo on his own and not depend on me.
2nd Surprise – He volunteered to keep the rest of the laundry and not being a self-centered boy.

Three Cheers for my 10 year old!
*clap clap clap*