The first question he asked me when he stepped into the house, after he came back from school alone today…………

Binbin: “Mummy, my friend, J. , helped Y.D. to carry some heavy things. So I helped J. to carry her badminton racket and lunchbox. Is that a good thing?”
Me: “Yes! Good boy!”

Binbin: “Then I did 3 Good Things today.”
Me: “Wow! Tell me about the other 2.”

Binbin: “One is before I board the bus, the other is when I was on the bus.”
Me: “Ok….I’m listening….”

Binbin: “I saw a boy drop a bunch of keys when he was running. So I picked up the keys and returned it to him. He got say ‘Thank You’ lah.”
Me: “Very Good!” Shove my thumb infront of his face (i.e. ‘Thumbs Up)

Binbin: “Then when I was on the bus, an Auntie asked me in Chinese whether I want to sit on her seat. She wants to let me sit. I said: “No. You sit lah.” in Chinese of ‘cos. Then she very nice. She stood up and went to another seat at the back of the bus and gave me her seat.”
Me: “When you were nice to Auntie, she will also be nice to you. Then did you say “Thank You.” ?”

Binbin: “Of ‘Cos lah!”
Me: “Good Boy!”



 3 Good Things