I finally get a chance to witness it myself!

First mention was 2 months ago…

Keatkeat: “Mommy, N. keeps coming to me and do the muack muack thing.”

Me: “What muack muack thing?”

Keatkeat: “She wants to kiss me!”

Me: “Oh, really?! So did you kiss her back?” *laugh*

Keatkeat: “Of cos NOT! I run away! But she keeps doing it!”

Me: “So do you like her?”

Keatkeat: “of cos NOT!”

Second mention was about 3 weeks ago….

Keatkeat: “Mommy, N. keeps asking me to be her boyfriend.”

Me: “So what did you say?”

Keatkeat: “Of cos NO! She is crazy! She keeps standing beside me. Where I go, she goes. Luckily didn’t follow me to the toilet.”

Me: *huge laugh* …. “So what do you intend to do?”

Keatkeat: “Ignore her!”

Me: *giggle*

Today! I finally witnessed it myself!

I brought Keatkeat to school after fetching Binbin from school. We were ‘melting’ under the hot sun after the 10mins walk. Finally we reached the school gate and was warmly welcomed by N. who was about 30 feet ahead, “Zac! Come quick! Walk Faster.” she shouted.

Keatkeat started to behave weird-ly! He spread his arms like wings of an airplane and started to ‘fly’ around me as if looking for refuge. *Huge Laugh*

Guess what happened next?!

N. ran towards us and stretched out her hand as if wanting to hold Keatkeat. *Eyes Widened* But the ‘airplane’ turned on the turbo and flew passed her, leaving the rejected ‘birdie’ chasing behind calling “Zac! Wait for me!”….. *laugh*

Then it was the moment of truth!

The birdie finally caught up and with slight panting she asked, “Zac, are you my boyfriend?!”

The pilot needed full concentration to fly the airplane and thus ignored the emergency call. *laugh*

N.: “ZAC!!! Tell me! Can you be my boyfriend?!”

*Huge Laugh*

The pilot turned around to wave goodbye to his Mommy before he sped off to look for a safe landing…… and little ‘birdie’ was still chasing behind the airplane….calling, “Zac! Wait for me!….”

*Huge Laugh*