Children’s Day is a time to celebrate for sure! One can easily find tons of essay on Children’s Day, Children’s Day poems, Children’s Day quotes, and Mommies blogging about Children’s Day activities all over the internet.

I am a play play play Mommy, definitely not in line with what the school thinks for sure. So, as much as I wanted my boy to enjoy this Children’s Day, he is buried under tons of worksheets from school because of the long weekend school break.

cd3Anyhow, right after school yesterday, I brought my boys down to the ‘dead babysitter‘ and let them had a roaring hour of fun.

Today is a school holiday, so the kids celebrated Children’s Day yesterday in school.

Children’s Day in Binbin’s school is celebrated with an hour of games, snacks and presents unwrapping, no pencil and paper stuff at all.

As for Keatkeat’s school, I would say it was rather special. After hearing the speech on Children’s Day by the school principal, Keatkeat’s school started to go crazy with the ‘what’s my ambition’ competition.  Everyone was allowed to wear or rather to dress up based on their ambition. Keatkeat told me that some children wore like a businessman, chief, artist, ballerina, football player, fireman and the list goes on.

Knowing that with this competition on Children’s Day, the teacher will NEVER confiscate the children’s mobile phone, so Keatkeat’s classmate who dressed up like a businessman, brought his REAL mobile phone, REAL laptop, wore shirt and tie plus jacket; and even a pair of sunglasses to school. *giggle* The effort paid off! The child came in 3rd in the competition. Whoo-hoo!

I wonder how is Children’s Day celebrated internationally, probably very much like Teacher’s Day I guess; or maybe not. International Children’s Day probably have lots more poppers, party hats, gifts, masks, balloons, etc; just like what my 2nd SIL bought for the 6 children in the family last week.


Children’s Day mini-celebration started last Sunday at my in-law’s house and another bigger celebration tomorrow. *wink*

Here’s wishing all children

Happy Children’s Day!