“I can’t wait for Sunday to come!!!” chanted Binbin several times a day ever since he bought the soccer boots and shin guards.

Finally, Sunday came and it was HORRIBLE!

Not the weather.
Not the health of the young soccer player.
But the way the training was managed.

First, the person was more than 15mins late.
Leaving anxious parents and kids sitting under the hot sun, at the open stadium, waiting for the coach to appear.

In the end, it was a guy with t-shirts and pants who greeted us reluctantly, “We could not book the pitch. So there is no training today.”

“What?!?!” was everybody’s reaction.

Can you believe that???!!!

Isn’t that the simplest and MOST important thing to do????!!!

“We realised it only on Friday.” he continued in his monotonous tone.

A father asked with a big frown on his face, “You realised it on Friday and you did not bother to call any of us?! And made us come all the way here?!”

“It was past office hours. So we did not call.” he replied without any apologetic tone in his voice.

*Super Eyes Rolled*

Binbin was so excited that he had no problem waking up at 7am. Even though every Sunday used to be his sleep-late-day till about 9am.

The most agitated one was Kitkit who had to wake up early because of his brother’s super early soccer training scheduled at 8am every Sunday. We intended to let him train for his school’s NAFA test, while his younger brother was at the soccer practice.

The worst part now is, this guy cannot even confirm if the soccer training for next Sunday is on or off!!!

How ridiculous is that?!
Surely this ‘project‘ was not brought up on Friday only.
Its been a topic for weeks!
How could you NOT book the pitch for a soccer practice?!

Extremely pissed!

Made the kids wake up so early on a non-school day.
Gave them all the excited and anticipation.
In the end, the pitch was NOT even booked in the first place!

*Super Eyes Rolled*