To the kids,
Papa is a discipline master
also a playmate
a teacher
as well as a listener
a cheeky fella
and one who never fails to be there for them….

To me,
Allan is no different from what a mother does, as we take care of our boys together 24hours a day.
The difference is…..
He still carries them up and spins them around, while I no longer have the strength to do so anymore.
He is a protective figure yet a wonderful playmate all at the same time; ….not something that I can do as well as he does.

To the kids and I,
he has done ALOT MORE than what most Fathers (whom we know) do to their children.
Hugs and kisses
Tickles and cuddles
Even when my boys are already 8 years old and another going 10.

My boys are blessed to have him as their Papa………even though the kids does not feel so when they are being scolded at. *laugh*
In their eyes, their Papa fills them with Fear AND Fun all jumbled into one.
Its a Complicated Relationship…

Its the first time we are celebrating Father’s Day on our own.
Every year, for this occasion, we would be in my in-law’s house celebrating with the other 3 fathers there.
But not this year, some changes due to unforeseen circumstances.
I thought we would be having our dinner at his favourite restaurant, but all he wanted to eat was jaj-par-lang (a mixture of different food)…
…a simple desire, of ‘cos we granted him that wish!

Happy Father’s Day, Papa!


Did your child have a great time with his or her dad today too?
Happy Father’s Day to all deserving fathers out there………

Happy Father’s Day!!!