Kitkit surprises me with his thoughts, words and actions very often. Many of which are beyond the norm. Some are creative. Others are absurd. Whatever it is, he surprises me now and then, be it a pleasant surprise or not.

As some of you may know, ever since we moved into our new house during Christmas Eve last year, we had been using an amazing product. It is a REUSABLE non-stick yet sticky (*laugh* I know I am confusing you) product which replaces drilling hooks into our walls. I use the product for almost anything that I need to hang on the wall.

It stays on REALLY WELL! Had been recommending it to many of my friends who came to my house. The setback to this is, they have to ‘catch‘ the seller, because he is always on the move.

Anyways, back to the reason why I am doing this blog post, I believe I had positioned the towel hanger too high for my children and Kitkit had been using too much force on the towel hanger when he needs to hang the towel back. He needed to tip-toe slightly so that he could flip the towel over the rod, and sometimes he could not balance himself on his toes and end up gripping the rod too hard while he finds his balance on the wet toilet floor.

With this happening constantly, one end of it was detached from the wall.

When this product is used CORRECTLY, it is truly an EXTREMELY LONG LASTING product. Sometimes I wonder how the company survives. When the product is so durable, recurring sales is almost near to zero. *shrugged*

Yet, there are some steps which must NOT be skipped before the product can perform to that level of excellence.
Some skills are needed too and somehow, Allan has problem getting it to work to its full potential.
Thus he will often shout for me whenever this product is used.

I hardly go into the toilet in the kitchen.
One day, I entered and was shocked to see that the towel hanger which I pasted on the wall has been shifted.
What surprised me the most was, it was slanted.
For an almost-perfectionist like me, this is NOT allowed!
Thus I know this was NOT done by me.
Who else could it be?
Allan” I concluded, without the need for a millisecond to think.
Yet, at the same time, I was surprised that Allan did not call for me this time and probably need to go for an eye check to see if his left vision is lower than his right. *eyes rolled*.

I asked if he did it. (Though I concluded it HAD to be Allan earlier, I do not want to jump on him like a ferocious tiger. I chose to seek confirmation first.)
He denied.
“Oh!” I was dumbstruck.

At that very moment, I thought I had dementia! Did I paste the towel hanger and actually forgot that I did it???!

Then Kitkit said: “It was me. Few days ago.”
Another dumbstruck moment for me.

Kitkit had seen me using the product, but had NEVER done it on his own before
Something which his dad cannot do, he could!
The best part is, the towel hanger did not drop after being used for few days!
This means that Kitkit had followed the Correct steps to achieve the optimal result which the product is capable of.

Its been months since that ‘dumbstruck day‘ and the towel hanger is still in that slanting position.
Though I cannot accept the look of it, because it is not straight, I left it as it is, to remind me that this is another sign of my 10 year old’s maturity level has gone up again.

The maturity to decide for himself, to solve the problem he created, without asking people to clear the mess he had created.

I am so proud of you, son!
*thumbs up*


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He Surprised Me again