12hours from now, I’ll not be 30 anymore, I’ll be PAST 30.

12hours from now, we’ll be having our usual midnight-cut-cake session.

12hours from now, I’ll be able to see my chocolate cake, which I still have no idea how it looks like, i.e. a surprise and I still love surprises, though I’ve been ‘punished’ for that before…*laugh*

12hours from now, I’ll be getting presents CHOSEN by my boys themselves for the very first time.

12hours from now, I’ll be able to see what my sis got for me as birthday gifts which she had prepared more than a week ago.

But now, I hope my sick boy, Keatkeat would be well.

Well enough to enjoy the birthday dinner celebration tomorrow night. Finally we are not going Sakae Sushi, but its Japanese food for sure, aren’t I so predictable….*laugh*

Well enough to stop having to have tissues in his hand, ready to catch hold of his spitting mucus whenever he sneezes, instead of having the mucus landing on his food. *Ewww…*

Well enough to be able to drink cold drinks, that will not make his cough worsen.

Well enough to be able to go back school after missing it for yesterday and today.

To be exact, Keatkeat has been sick for 7months (that would be a post I foresee might break the longest blog post record) but just one day before they had their one-of-the-most-wonderful time with my sis and his bf on Sunday, Keatkeat’s sickness worsen.

He has been looking forward to the trip all week and I just can’t bring myself to say those cruel words, “Sorry dear, you can’t go to the Zoo, cos you are sick.” Furthermore, I’m those kind of mom who doesn’t like to keep reminding children that they are sick and that they should stay at home and hide behind the blankets. I believe, kids should still go under the sun, breathe fresh air and perspire even though they are sick. Of cos, with the consideration of how sick they are too.

Get well boy, won’t you? For mommy’s sake, not that I want to stop having those incredible disruptive sleep every night for 7 months, but for mommy’s birthday, can?

Used to have lots of fancy wishes, but this year, I just want you to get well…. Will you please…grant mommy’s birthday wish?