Has it ever puzzled you : Why some kids are so easy to handle and others are like little demons hiding inside that cute child’s body? It might be easier to relate to this if you are a parent to more than one child.

A close friend of mine has an ‘unusual belief‘, she told me: “Our children are here to either ‘pay a debt of gratitude‘ to you or to ‘get revenge‘ on you.

To her, if you have a child who is often following your instructions and seldom stress you up. One who is independent and hardly makes you worry, this child is here to pay a debt of gratitude.

However, if your child is one who is always sick, often go against your will, giving you a lot of stress and makes you worry for him/her all the time, then this child is definitely here to get revenge on you.

She further elaborate that this child may be an icing on a cake to your spouse but a tsunami to you, hence this same child might be paying a debt of gratitude to your spouse while getting revenge on you.

Do you believe in this?

Well, I do not.
Nonetheless, if this is ‘really‘ true, then KitKit is definitely the one here to get revenge on me and Binbin is here to pay a debt of gratitude to me. *wink*

What I do believe is Zodiac signs and Horoscope signs compatibility. Some signs are just not compatible to another. It is just like in ANY relationship, why do you click better with certain classmates, colleagues, relatives, etc and not others?

You may want to check out your Zodiac or Horoscope signs. The accuracy is pretty high. Thus, if you are planning for a child, I do suggest that you look into this (or more) before you begin your baby-production process.

If I am planning for a third child (NO, I’M NOT!), I would love to have a Gemini (Horoscope), Monkey (Zodiac) baby; one who will be compatible to both Allan and I.
AAaaawww…. I can only dream on….






Is Your Child here to Get Revenge?