It was requested by both boys that I should make it official to the world that their names have been changed. *laugh*

A little background to this:-
Before my boys were born, or even before I was pregnant, Allan and I had already thought of the ‘English‘ names for our supposedly 4 children> 2 boys, 2 girls. They would be known as Zac, Zen, Zoe and Zee, in that order.

Allan and my name, Angeline, start with ‘A’. Our children would complete us, that’s how we feel. Hence its good to have BEGINNING and ENDING, So ‘A’ and ‘Z’. Parents ‘A’ and Children’ Z’. *wink*

But these names were never written on their birth certificate. I wanted to let them have the freedom of choice, when it comes to ‘English‘ names, or rather I prefer to call them ‘international names’. So they never knew about Zac or Zen. Until last year…..

Whenever people ask my boys for their names, Keatkeat would say his dialect name in full, while Binbin would just reply sweetly “Binbin”.

Many had to ask twice or turn to us for a proper pronunciation of Keatkeat’s name, which made me realised his name is errrmmm…. not really ‘socially-friendly’. I thought it was time they know their ‘international names’. Use it or not, it would be their choice then.

They surprised me with their arms-opened-wide kind of acceptance. Binbin even wrote ‘Zen‘ on his worksheets in school without my knowledge!!!! *laugh*

So now, Keatkeat is also known as Zac and Binbin is Zen. To prevent confusion, I’ll still write Keatkeat and Binbin in my blogs. Afterall, these were their very first names.


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