Niece handed an assignment to me yesterday when I was at her house.
Questions like:
“What is dating?”
“When is the right age to date? Why?”
“How should a couple behave when dating?”
etc etc

Her school required her to interview her parents.
Her immediate response was “NO!”
Even though the teacher said that it would bring back good memories of dating which her parents had.
“You won’t understand….its different from what you think” was ringing in her head.

Niece was so happy to know that she had another option : Interview a TRUSTED ADULT.
She told me: “Immediately I thought of (you) Shen Shen!”

Do you know how much that means to me????!
A LOT!!!
To be able to have a place in her heart, even though we do not stay together, even though we do not communicate every day, even though there were times we may not agree on something completely……
I am grateful to know I have portrayed myself as someone whom she can turn to when it comes to ‘Sensitive Topics’
and being the first person to come to her mind, I guessed my butt is firmly rooted on that seat in her mind.

Thank you Z.Y.!



Me? A Trusted Adult?