Guess who was labouring away in the kitchen on labour day?

Kitkit, my 9 year old.

This started about a month ago after he came back from his baking class in school. “Mummy! I baked cookies today! You want to try?” he exclaimed!

It was yummy!

I did not take any photo of the cookie as there were only one piece for each of us at home. When I realised how yummy it was, the chocolate chip butter cookie was already in our tummy. *laugh*

“My group did this together and I know how to bake it again. Do you want me to bake for you tonight?” He asked with sparkling eyes.

We did not do it that night…
Until today : 1st May 2013




I told Kitkit that he must not get help from any of us, so that I could shout to the world that my first born did the baking all by himself. So Binbin just stood beside him and learned intently, occasionally picking up the pieces that his elder brother dropped.

But I could not fulfill that wish of mine anymore….. as Kitkit told me only after he had bought all the ingredients, “We did not put in the oven. The teacher put the cookies in the oven for us.”

Me: “So you do NOT know what’s the temperature needed to bake the cookies nor how long it takes???!!!”

Kitkit: “No.”

*Scream* For someone like me who have failed in baking 90% of the time, this is a disaster!!!!

I ran my fingers across my phone and searched frantically for some sort of answer on Google.

Then as I watched him put in so much effort into making it right. Measuring every ingredient to precision. My heart started racing.


He even started to DECORATE his bears! Giving them eyeballs, gloves, boots using chocolate chips and 3 of them even had hats! He called those with hats “Sergeants“. *laugh*

 photo kkbaking-1d_zps02ff018a.jpg

I was SO afraid that my wrong temperature setting or my wrong amount of baking time would send my son’s hardwork/heartwork crashing down to rock bottom!
I was freaking out!

As my oven is small-sized, the cookies went into the oven in batches.
1st batch was 175 degrees celsius for 10mins and the colour came out pale.

Then another batch went in for 180 degrees celsius for 12mins, it was still soft in the middle.

After all the batches went in and out of the oven, Kitkit tested a cookie after it had cooled down for 30mins and demanded: “Wrong. Bake Again!”

It feels kind of funny to receive instructions from my boy for a change. However, I liked the tone of certainty in his voice. Pretty macho for a 9 year old. *laugh*

And so I re-baked all the cookies again.
This time the colour looked better (more brownish) than the first baking, see picture below (right plate was re-baked batch)

 photo kkbaking-1e_zpse2967dcd.jpg
 photo ec5dbafc-b2d3-438c-89b0-b4eaa68d5e65_zpsf36d3fef.jpg
Everyone at home liked it and Binbin said he wants to bake the cookies by himself the next time. *smile*

Kitkit was pretty proud of his accomplishment and even brought some to school to let his classmates try. All said “Nice!” *Super Thumbs Up*
 photo kkbaking-1g_zps57a9ec8a.jpg

So my boy baked cookies all 95% by himself, with his still-learning-how-to-bake-Mummy doing the other 5% work.

Thank goodness it went well. *phew*



My Boy Baked Cookies by Himself