March is here!
A month of celebrations for our family every year.
But this year, is extra special.

March 2013 would be a very special month for my boys.
It will be the month which they will get their VERY FIRST PLANE RIDE.
It will be the month which they will go to a place whereby the weather is around 16 degree Celsius.

Thus, we decided to get my ‘Tropical Boys’ their VERY FIRST PAIR OF KIDS GLOVES, just in case their body could not handle the low temperature well enough.

 photo iht9_zpsd9aae3b7.jpg

Allan and I are not fans of traveling to very cold places. Thus these pair of kids gloves might end up sitting in the wardrobe for years, after this March school holiday trip ends. By then, my sons might not be able to fit their then-bigger-hands into the kids gloves already.

Since that is the case, we do not want to spend much on those ‘blankets’ for the hands. I know that the gloves sold at THE RINK at JCUBE are very cheap and so we went there and bought each pair for $2 only.


Surprisingly, when we were there at THE RINK, the boys added one more thing into their list of ‘FIRST TIME’ : Watching a LIVE Ice Hockey Tournament.

 photo iht1_zps573b417b.jpg

 photo iht2_zps0af8ab43.jpg

 photo iht3_zps9c620dfd.jpg

 photo iht4_zps6d79d097.jpg

Singapore team was against another team and our home team won!
The kids cheered and clapped!

 photo iht6_zps85b40472.jpg

 photo iht5_zps653f6e1f.jpg

We stayed throughout the match.
It was exciting and player 77 Smoked Meat was the hero of the day with 2 goals.

 photo iht7_zps1cd6f710.jpg

 photo iht8_zps726f7a8e.jpg