Every parent loves to hear praises of their children, especially from strangers.
Yet, WITNESSing my children demonstrating selflessness and helpfulness in public sends me over the moon!

Sadly, I have to admit that my dear 10 year old Kitkit is kinder to outsiders than to his own family members.
Taking us for granted?
Well, that is something which I remind him NOT TO…. constantly!

12th January 2014, Sunday….
Allan had an appointment and could not go (with us) over to the weekly gathering at my in-law’s place.
It was a long journey, which required us to switch from bus to train and back to bus again; before we could reach the kids’ grandparents’ house.

It was obvious that my boys were tired and so was I.
During the train (MRT) ride, both of them leaned onto me as if they had lost their spines.
Just when they were so at ease, a young man, probably in his late teens or early 20s sat down beside Kitkit.
Before he could rest his butt on the seat, this young man’s water bottle dropped onto the floor.

Without a need to ponder for a second, Kitkit changed his posture immediately.
From leaning onto me to straightening his back, and bent over to pick up the about-to-roll-away water bottle, AS IF it was his own.
My boy handed the water bottle over to the young man.
Young Man without a smile: “Thank you.”
Kitkit: “Welcome.”
Young Man gave a surprised-look for a mini-second and smiled.
I guessed he was NOT expecting any “Welcome” to be coming out of this little kid’s mouth. *giggle*

Everything happened in a matter of seconds.
Yet, the scene kept replaying in my mind for a long long time.
I am still smiling as I am typing now….

When we alighted at the next station, I wrapped my arms around my 10 year old’s shoulders and gave him a long buddy-squeeze, Kitkit! You were awesome!!!! I am so proud of you! I did not expect you to pick up the bottle because in the past, a similar incident happened and you chose to glide your feet away and wait for the person to pick his thing on his own. YOU HAVE CHANGED! You have changed FOR THE BETTER! I am REALLY PROUD OF YOU!!! And you said “Welcome” too when he said Thank You!!! Great Response!” and I tighten my squeeze on his small shoulders…..

Gave a peck on his head and continued, “How did you feel when he said ‘Thank You’?”
Kitkit: “Happy…”


My Son Gave Me a Proud Moment in Train