b&jSince Sting asked how was our 2nd round of Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day (Read Previous Post) here’s the answer:

I tried their new flavour: A Cookie Affair. Its a little ‘over‘ towards the last few bites.

Allan took Strawberry Cheesecake. Not satisfactory. I think the cheesecake king has too high an expectation.

Binbin chose Chocolate Macadamia. All 3 of us liked it.

And he had the BIGGEST scoop among the 3 of us. It was like 1 and a half scoop combined.

What has the little boy got to say about his ice-cream? Looking at the two chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, he giggled: “Mommy, look, ‘Neh Neh Pok’.” (i.e. breast)


Oh well, ya…in brown bra… *eyes rolled*

Last year, at the end of the ice-cream affair, Binbin said his knee hurts because of too much ice-cream *giggle*.

This year, my 4 year old vomited a little when he was trying to get that last mouth down. And his response?

“Mommy, no more ice-cream for me! Cold ice-cream makes me vomit!” He spoke with lots of anger alright?!

*huge laugh*

Well, based on that sentence, we shall see how long it will hold true and Hhhmmm… maybe I should let him try Hot ice-cream next time! *laugh*