For those of you who have been reading my blog for more than a year, would remember my many efforts and many blog posts about how I used all sorts of ways to make sure that my boys would NOT get myopia.

I feel EXTREMELY strongly about them wearing spectacles. I do NOT like my boys to wear spectacles because being boys, they are active and I would NOT like to see their active lifestyle hindered by that two pieces of glass infront of his eyes.

Yes, there are Lasik and contact lenses; but to me, its a flaw. I do NOT like it. I am very Extreme when it comes to this. Prejudice, bias… yes that’s how I feel towards this four-eyed-issue.

So this letter completely broke my heart. I am blaming myself now for NOT doing more. Shit me!


A re-check has been scheduled for next month. Till then, I am still hoping that it is due to his ‘soft-spokeness’ which made the tester feel that he is unsure or might have heard him wrongly.

‘Cos that was what happened when he did his first eye-check in the Polyclinic few years ago. You know how ‘P‘ and ‘T‘ sound alike when they are said softly right? And not forgetting ‘S‘ and ‘F’ too.

Sigh…. maybe I am self-deluding… then again… till the re-check comes, I’m still hoping that it was a mistake made during the health check in school on 6th April.