Binbin told me that they are going to dance to the Starlight Moonlight song from the Korean group ~ Secret.

Unlike my eldest niece, I hardly follow the movement of Korean singers. So I search ‘Starlight Moonlight’ with the enthusiastic Binbin standing next to me. The moment the dancing started, my mind went “You are NOT Serious, are you?!”

Me: “I love the song…but are you going to dance like them too?”

Binbin: “OF COS NOT! Its so girly! I am not a girl! I am a boy!”

I wanted to check it out for myself and that was the very first question I asked when I saw Miss S. this morning, “Are the boys going to dance to those steps in the Starlight Moonlight video too?”

Miss S.: “We are still improvising. Some steps are too girlish. We might replace those girlish dance steps with some tap-dancing for the boys. But nothing is confirmed yet. Will wait for the dance teacher to decide.”

Yesterday was the first rehearsal. Binbin told me that all the boys were laughing away when they were dancing. If I was a boy, I would be laughing too man!

Looking forward to watch his Graduation performance much more now…