These are the lovables I see every Sunday when I am at my in-law’s place. But it has been different for the past couple of Sundays….

Now that my eldest niece (girl in pink dress), CH, can no longer join us because of the change in her swimming lessons…

She used to have her swimming lessons on Saturday afternoon, but because of her improvements, she is being allocated to another group that swims on Sunday.

Every Sunday, she is always coming up with ideas on what to play. My SIL told me that when the lightbulb on her head lights up during the week, she would start ‘preparing the props’ even as early as Wednesday….

Though ZY (girl with the sling bag) and CH argue often, and the ‘peace’ now is very much appreciated, but I still feel empty… somehow… its just not the same anymore…

This is my side of the ‘feeling-differently’….

As for Binbin, Sundays will not be the same anymore too.

Binbin loves to sit in my nephew’s walker because it has a steering wheel! He treats it like a racing car and its always the first thing he does the moment he stepped into the house.

Binbin also looked forward to go to my in-laws place every Sunday for another reason:

He loves to sit in the small pail and pretend to be asleep in it. I guess curling up like that gives him the comfort of what it used to be like when he was in my tummy…

Today, HE COULD NOT FIT IN. He tried. I stopped him, I was so afraid the pail will fall apart!

He was upset… but accepted the fact that he will never be in the pail again when he bathe there on future Sundays….

(Photos were taken some months ago)