It was just another ordinary day.
A day which Allan and I will spend time on his laptop and my PC, respectively; just like every other day.
Yet, Binbin made 3rd October 2013 an EXTRA-ordinary day for us.
A little Surprise.
A tiny Love Note.

The small green slip of paper was pasted on the top right corner of my PC screen.
A pleasant surprise for me!

However, Binbin did not do the same to his Papa.
He handed the green slip of paper to him personally after I discovered mine.

Though our slip of papers were exactly the same, the WORDS were NOT.

This was what Binbin gave his dad:

 photo lovenoteM1a_zps4a6310c3.jpg

And this was what my 8 year old gave me:

 photo lovenoteM1b_zps2f9f3fd0.jpg

For those of you who had been following my blog long enough would know that Binbin has a very special place in my heart.
Someone once told me that children are parents’ lovers in previous lives.
Well, I am not a believer of this belief.
However, if Binbin and I were of similar age, we would be a great couple!


This month,
for the first time,
Binbin gave Allan and I advanced Christmas gifts.
Something which we never expected to receive.
He gave each of us a Hong Bao (A red envelope with money inside. Usually given by adults to children during Chinese Lunar New Year.)
And the amount inside was yet another surprise.
He said: “You all spend alot of money on us. So here’s some money to give you all back.”

2 different Suprise Love Notes.
One was written note.
The other was dollar note.
But BOTH were gifts from his pure heart…..

I love you Binbin….
*Super Hugs*


Surprise Love Note